Wednesday, August 31, 2005
went looking for paint colors today with mom. Boy was that fun! I hate the rugs the previous owner bought, and am thinking of removing them and refinishing the hard wood underneath. Its starting to get overwhelming already. Had a subway salad for lunch and grilled chicken with salsa and grated cheese for dinner. Workout went especially well, I pushed myself a little further with the freeweights and crunches. I am at work now, starting my exiting 3rd shift for the second to last night. But I will have a long weekend with the holiday so that's something to look forward to.Ciao
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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

July 18th,2005 (The first day of this blog) 6:45am weight: 174.1August 31,2005 (Tonight) 9:09pm weight: 155.0today was hectic, my cats were spayed and got their shots. They are so not happy with me at the moment...I took a new shirtless pic just now, to show what a no carb mild workout diet can produce. Im happy with the way things are going along. Im on third shift this week still so have to get going. Tomorow is shopping for colors to paint my condo :) laters.....
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Monday, August 29, 2005
Here I am, it's empty but allll mine :)Well it's DONE! I own a condo! I have to work 3rd tonight or else I would be there right this moment!!! Now I have to get my finances in order to pay the condo fees, taxes and utilities. So much to do...but now need sleeep! :)
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Sunday, August 28, 2005
back from the beach, was a great weekend. My friend Sandy and her sister came to my mother's and met the family. It was my stepfather's birthday and we all had a good time. My workout went really well today (after the 1st 1 day break in over a month). Had some Zuchini/Squash and cabbage with habichuelas for dinner..yum. Breakfast was a veggie omelette. Tomorow is the exited I am!! I am working yet again tonight so I must shower and be gone. laters :)
Friday, August 26, 2005
eh...It's 1:19 AM and I am at work. Third shift really sucks, and I have to do this up until tuesday night of this coming week as well. Had a great dinner with Gram and my Aunt tonight. I had the most incredible Baked Schrod. Lunch was a quick can of tuna. The workout went very well, but life seems to speeding up laterly. Off to the beach for the weekend until sunday. calls again *sigh*


Happy Friday...I worked last night and got home at 745 this morning. Pretty much fell asleep right away and woke up at 1215 by a knock from my friend who lives upstairs. His father passed away, so sad :( He was pretty shaken up naturally, and left to be with his family right after. I went back online after, played some lottso and then did my in-house lift, crunch, aerobic workout I havent missed in over a month once. I am leaving for the beach at 2 until sunday. I have to work sunday night thru tuesday for the 3rd shift guy. ehk. But nothing can take away the exitement of Monday's Condo closing!!! I need a shower, have to pack, and do some things
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Wednesday, August 24, 2005
today was weird, got a call at 9:30 am this morning at work from the 3rd shift guy whose dad passed away. So since I am the cover guy, I went home. I am going in at 11 now (yuk). slept a little, did my workout, ate some canned chicken (yuk) and am now just posting on some of the forums I frequent. Need coffee.......laters
Tuesday, August 23, 2005
just back from the's feeling like fall, sooo cool and breezy yet warm enough for you not to be in the least uncomfortable. Work was bearable today, as the days grow closer to the condo closing. My aunt made a delicious chicken lunch for me with carrots and asparagus. For dinner I had a huge turkey salad i spiced up with some hot pepper, chives and cajun seasoning (sounds gross but it was palatable). Ive had quite a few hits on the personals but not really responding yet. In time. I guess I have pretty low self confidence and this fear of rejection which has always hindered my personality. (Im great in online chat or the phone, but in person...i act like a scared 15 year old). anyway...needs a showa, laters. :)
Monday, August 22, 2005
Monday is over thank god...was pretty busy at work, getting ready to install the new AS/400. I called the electric company, cable, phone and Condo association to get things in order for monday. My electric switches over on the 29th (the day of the closing) my Phone, Cable and Internet are all through Comcast Cable and to be turned on September 10th. I had an arguement with Verizon because i was being billed the last 3 months with NO service and she refused to rebate me anything. UGH! I hung up on her and called the Cable company who has this new Digital telephone thing that is connected to your cable internet. Sounds really cool! I had a sesame ginger salad for lunch and a Chicken tomato thing I made for dinner, was really good with fresh tomoatos. Workout went really well, 2 reps of 100 on each arm (20 pound weights) 110 forward crunches and 115 reverse crunches. Then my 4 mile power walk which i knock out now in 35-40 minutes. Its so cool and airy now at night, and with my ipod the time flies. So..need a shower and going to play some pogo. Laters :)
Sunday, August 21, 2005
long lazy sunday...cleaned my house, did laundry, worked out..and went to the casino with $30. Ha..I lost it, no biggie. Had the most amazing mexican chicken thing I invented today for lunch, and a Southwest Salad for dinner. I was bored so I joined Yahoo personals and another dating site today, lets see if the messages start pouring in (NOT). Had to walk in pitch black again tonight, saw a possum and a skunk, but thankfully at a distance. Needs to shower and go to bed.
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Saturday, August 20, 2005
was a pretty mellow day, I got to watch this illegal russian copy of Constantine with Keanu. Great movie, although his acting really is horrible. Had Chicken with mixed vegitables for lunch, a multivitamin and Turkey for dinner. My workout went really well today, just got back from my power walk. I don't have anything to do tonight or tomorow so maybe I'll go out (of course drinking only diet coke!).Laters............
Friday, August 19, 2005
yuk am at work now, not so much fun. This is going to be the most boring night (i'm here till 11).
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someone posted that I should upload before after shots...I havent taken one in about 2 weeks, so I just did. I'll post the 1st day (July 18th) and then a better one from the 22nd, and finally the one I just took. This morning I was 155.2 so thats 19 pounds from the start of this. I have replaced fat with muscle and have definition starting in my shoulders and arms. Plus my stomach is much flatter now.soo...Day 1 July 18thFew days later, July 22ndand finally, last night..August18, 1 month from the start I still have a long way to go, but I am pretty happy right now with the progress.Laters :)
Thursday, August 18, 2005
YEA!!! Today is a MONTH!! And I haven't stopped! When I started on July 18th I weighed 174 pounds, I am now 157. Its incredible what happens when you eliminate Carbohydrates. I don't care what anyone works. I wasn't fat (6' 174) and even I shed the poundage like crazy without the carbs. I also gave up any sodas with sugar and drank lots of water. We americans dont have too be overweight, Down with the breads, pastas, rices and Potatos! I have had a great time eating everyting else (Red Meat excluded), and I'm never hungry. I'm at work right now..but tonight will be a long one so I may not get to post later. Yesterday was interesting, got a letter in the mail stuffed with something for my EX...not sure what is in it but now I have to make that call. Had chicken and Zuchini for lunch, and this chicken/tomato/hot pepper thing (I have been addicted to lately) for dinner. Laters :)
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Wednesday, August 17, 2005
Amazing show last night, we got there just as she was getting on stage (skipped the openers) and left midway through the last escape the crowds. The setlist was really sweet.......

Wallingford CT Tuesday Aug 16th,2005

Original Sinsuality
Caught A Lite Sneeze
Goodbye Pisces
Bells For Her

So Far Away (Carole King cover)
By My Side (cover from the musical Godspell)

Take To The Sky
Mother Revolution
Yes, Anastasia
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Cars and Guitars

2nd Encore


Her voice got a little shaky during Mary. She also told us the funniest story about her 5 year old daughter encountering Donald Trump at the Trump Plaza. She seems really mellow and almost energyless these days. She is like 42 now, and she is borderline anorexic. I don't think she's looked healthy in years (since about 2001).

But it was a great night, I loved the show, and I still love her!! Can't wait for the bootleg. I got home about 12:30 AM last night and didnt sleep till like 130. Wasnt fun getting up but I did it. I'm at work now...more to come later.
Monday, August 15, 2005
so..tomorow is the big night! Tori in Wallingford...I am so exited. Not really exited to see a few people i'd rather avoid from the Tori @Forums, but I am not going to get there early so maybe that won't be a problem. Today was a good day, my boss is back from vacation and things are back to normal. Had Chicken Marsala and salad for lunch, plus some more Cheese/Egg Quiche. I didnt eat dinner because I was still full from lunch. Probably a bad idea since I power walk 4 miles each night, as well as Freeweights and crunch. My muscles are so tight and burning I must be doing something right. It was freaking COLD out tonight, and I still am drenched because I go so fast. Need a shower and to do some laundry. Laters :)
Sunday, August 14, 2005
not so exiting sunday, went to my aunt's swimming. Had a good time, Chicken Marsala and Cheese Quiche for lunch, grilled chicken with oriental veggies for dinner. Just home from my walk. Im starting to gain weight back, but muscle not fat which is awesome. I was 157 today, and my arms are getting bigger, my stomach even harder and my legs really toned. Tori Amos in 2 days!!! I am really siked about this show. Think I'll shave my head tonight for a different look, after all its been over 90 every day for at least the last two weeks. Need to get going, have lots to do before bed. :) Laters
Saturday, August 13, 2005
so this is still kinda saturday, tho technically sunday at 12:15 am. Had a pretty laid back day, nothing much to report. Had salad for lunch and Turkey for dinner.
It was thundering like mad so I had to delay my walk till after 8, and it was pretty dark out I was afraid someone was going to hit me passing by, but I made it.:) I am just about to take a shower and go to bed. What a way to spend a saturday night...if only I had someone special to share it with. The exiting life of the single man NOT.
Laters :(
Friday, August 12, 2005
just got home from dinner with my friend Bob, was fun. We went to 99's and I had this amazing (u guessed it) Chicken salad! My mother told me today as a housewarming gift she is having my new place professionally painted. I AM SO SIKED about that. I wasn't looking forward to doing it myself, having never painted before. So now the moving in part will happen even faster. This is really good news. Work wasnt bad today none of the bosses were there, and I played around online most of the day. Really getting sleepy so I need to go to bed. laters :)
Thursday, August 11, 2005
another late night post...its almost friday!! Just back from the walk, hottest one yet. It must be 85/90 out there even with the sun down. Felt good though. Had two chicken breasts and veggies for lunch, and baked scrod with an oriental Veggie mix for dinner. Really felt the freeweights tonight, and the crunches. I guess we are staying over in Paris now, instead of making a whole day thing of it. This should be a truly amazing trip! Work was hell today, ugh one more until my boss is back and things return to normal. Sales meeting tomorow, 70 Idiot salesreps bothering me for everything under the sun fun fun! Time for a shower :) laters
Wednesday, August 10, 2005 we are spending one night in Dublin, so exiting! We have the plane and hotel reservations traveling from London all set now. Was a mediocre day, very busy with my boss gone, so stressful. Had a great dinner with my aunt, Baked Scrod with Zuchini and an amazing salad. Lunch was just a salad as I am pretty poor at the moment. Just got back from my nightly power walk and I am wiped out as usual. Woke up this morning 15 minutes before it was time to leave, but I was rested so thats a good thing. The last 2 weeks I have been taking a multi-vitamin also, and although my diet is Carb-free, I have been eating a lot of fish chicken and turkey so theres the protein I need to build up muscle. My stomach is hard as a rock now, and my legs are getting pretty much the same. Im a little concearned about the weight tho, I was 153 this morning and at 6' thats not where I want to be. I guess eventually I will need to do the carb thing to gain mass, but I just cant seem to do it. I dont think Ive had a Potato in 6 months, and bread longer. Rice is my weekness however, and I had some the night before I started this blog on July 18th. Off to shower and bed..laters
Tuesday, August 09, 2005
Just got back from my walk, was very comfortable out and breezy. Had grilled chicken salad for lunch and dinner, still not sick of it yet. Plans for Europe in December have changed. We had issues with the flight times switching in Milan, and American Airlines had to help us out with it. We decided since we were flying in and out of London to just stay there and not see Italy/Sicily this time since we were already there in '03. We have revamped out whole travel plan. We arrive in London on a Friday morning, are going to spend that day and the next in the City, then the following morning fly to Dublin for an overnight stay at this amazing Georgian hotel.
We come back to London on monday evening and then on tuesday take the Chunnel to Paris for the day (3 1/2 hours each way it should be a tiring but exiting experience). Wednesday we take an out of London tour to Stonehenge and maybe Dover, and then we leave thursday night. I am really exited about Dublin, and riding the Chunnel, the diagram above scares the hell out of me, but I have to do it!!

I need a shower and going to relax and call mom to tell her (She doesnt know yet..and with everything London has had to endure lately with the terrorists she isnt going to be happy).
Laters :)
Monday, August 08, 2005
late post today, things were kinda hectic. Had a great dinner at my aunts with gram, grilled swordfish with fresh green beans and salad. Did my crunches, lifts, and 4 mile walk when I got home, I'm pretty tired now. Im really starting to get into Muse, especially this song Time is running out. I had downloaded a bunch of their stuff a couple months ago, and Itunes put them all on my Ipod. So tonight I was playing it random and that song came on. Incredible...I am so hooked.Eh...time for bed. laters :)
Sunday, August 07, 2005
Just back from my 4 Mile walk, im drenched. Had a pretty boring day, watched movies and played some game cube. Had an amazing chicken salad for lunch, and a bit of ground turkey for dinner. I wish i didnt have to work tomorow, my boss is out for the week and I have to do all his shit also...PLUS mine. There are some pretty critical data submissions and reports I need to process which hopefully I'll get through without a flaw. The closing date on the condo is coming quickly, cant wait to get into that place empty with my paint brush!! I have forever to move my stuff in as Gram owns this house and its not going anywhere (at least not before the 1st of the year). Time for a shower and maybe watch some random movie on cable before sleep. Laters...........
Saturday, August 06, 2005
Mornin'. Yesterday was pretty kool. Got Tori Amos tickets for the Wallingford, CT. show Aug 16th (a week from tuesday!) this will be the 11th time Ive seen her, but the 1st since 2003! Really exited about it. Breakfast today was a can of chunk turkey with chive seasoning cooked and seasoned. Really great after my morning workout. I don't do the can thing very often, its usually boneless chicken, but this morning I was lazy and its still high in protein low in fat. And no carbage of course. The crunching and free weights are really starting to work magic after all this time (Jul 04) I have been away from the daily workout. Back then it was a lot more intense, but that will come again. I think today or tomorow makes 3 weeks without alcohol or carbohydrates. (Sep 17th was the last day). I am so awake right now..must be the workout rush.:) laters
Friday, August 05, 2005
Took a 4 Mile power walk last night, at like 8 with my Ipod. Felt amazing! I think this is going to be a regular thing for me, at that hour nobody is around, the sun is down, yet it's still light and the breeze keeps you from dying (91 Degrees). I am so siked it's friday, one week closer to the Condo closing. No more back aches from the couch and the crunches/lifts are going very well. I can totally see the definition in my shoulders and arms now. This morning I was 158.0 so my weight is holding steady. It should go up a bit as I gain muscle mass, I think my body fat percent cant be very high right now, since I haven't had a carb or really white sugar(hardly) in weeks, plus ive been hella active. This whole thing is going so much more smooth and well than I ever thought at the beginning.Laters :)
Thursday, August 04, 2005
The inspections went very well, a couple of outlets need to be changed, a cracked mirror-door and a coroded pipe, nothing really major. My mom was there for the whole thing and is giving me some really great decorating advice (she has amazing talent for this area). I can't WAIT to get in there with my paint. Just about three weeks away, still have so much to pack. Weight was 158.2 today, and Ive been eating pretty well (still no carbage) My mother made a veggie lasagna that it was VERY hard to resist but I held strong and ate Salad, broccoli and ham. Ive also cut down on the coffee (2 cups a day), and FINALLY im not sore anymore, even was able to do the full workout which i missed yesterday because of the neck/back pain. Laters :)
Wednesday, August 03, 2005
im so sore today, ehk..this couch thing is killing me! Had a pretty good day yesterday, met a new friend who is pretty funny and we get along really well. We watched John Waters new movie A Dirty Shame. I own it and have seen it already but he hadn't. We were hysterical, I am a huge Waters fan so I could watch it a zillion times. Today is the inspection on my condo so I get a couple hours away from work, mom is meeting me there (she hasn't seen it yet so this is kool). Had an incredible dinner yesterday, fresh Zuchini, tomatoes, peppers, italian dressing and marinated chicken breast. I had a huge chicken salad for lunch also. This blog is really helping me kick the alcohol thing, since I started, I've had a few urges to go to the package store but I think about what I've done so far (and trust me this is a huge accomplishment) and it passes. My new friend doesn't drink at all so hanging out with him wont be a problem. He does smoke like a chimney tho! :(
Tuesday, August 02, 2005
Damn couch is killing my neck. I packed up my bedroom mostly and the bed is dis-assembled right now, so I am sleeping in the living room on an antique couch from my great grandmother.Its huge but about as comfortable as a sidewalk. Every morning I wake up and have shooting pain in my back. Doesn't stop my workouts, I just have to stretch a bit before to get flexible. I dreamed last night that I ate like 4 burritos and a huge plate of nachos, strange. Maybe it's my body begging for carbs, I dunno. I had a great grilled chicken salad for lunch yesterday and a zuchini with tomato garlic sauce for dinner. Just for curiousity sake I weighed myself this morning and Im 158. Still losing I see, wondering how to handle that one. Listening to Parasol from the Beekeeper, one of my favorite tracks. I have a date sorta tonight, well more like getting to know someone who I have a lot in common with, but am not interested in sexually. Theres a first, guess I've reached the desperate zone. I'll post the results... (as if anyone is watching anyway) Laters :)
Monday, August 01, 2005
August 1st wow...only 28 more days to the closing! I have decided to kill the site as I was really getting into it and losing weight too fast. I shouldnt weigh myself daily, I lost 14.4 pounds in 2 weeks. At 6' 158 I think thats enough, any more weight and I'd start to get malnourished. Haven't touched any carbs and am keeping it that way. I don't miss the alcohol, or it's "morning after" effects. So now I will try to maintain this weight. I am thinking maybe I should try and find a carb free diet online, instead of just guessing what to eat (lots of salads and chicken this far, but is that enough??) I have been taking a multi vitamin each morning now for almost a week. The battle rages on..........