Friday, August 05, 2005
Took a 4 Mile power walk last night, at like 8 with my Ipod. Felt amazing! I think this is going to be a regular thing for me, at that hour nobody is around, the sun is down, yet it's still light and the breeze keeps you from dying (91 Degrees). I am so siked it's friday, one week closer to the Condo closing. No more back aches from the couch and the crunches/lifts are going very well. I can totally see the definition in my shoulders and arms now. This morning I was 158.0 so my weight is holding steady. It should go up a bit as I gain muscle mass, I think my body fat percent cant be very high right now, since I haven't had a carb or really white sugar(hardly) in weeks, plus ive been hella active. This whole thing is going so much more smooth and well than I ever thought at the beginning.Laters :)
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