Monday, October 31, 2005

This blog began July 12th, 2005, but was deleted hastilly in May of 2006. I posted every day, and fortunately was able to restore (through Google/Msn/Yahoo Caching) many of the posts. However many of the images were lost, and the original comments are not viewable. 15o Posts were lost forever. As I said it was a hasty decision. I was absent from blogging for one month and resumed posting in late June of this year (2006). Thanks for checking the archives.
Tuesday, October 11, 2005
Happy Columbus day everyone....:) I was a BIT inconvenienced by the post office and bank holiday today, mainly because I need to ship out my extra set of Foozer tickets, but good for you guys who had it off. I sure didn't. Lot of running around today after work, went to my mother's for dinner, got to see my neices and sister which was great. Brought all the paints to the Condo (My poor mother ran around all day finding everything the painter needed) so the work can begin tomorow at 7:30 AM!Since one of my best friends is returning home to North Carolina tomorow, and I wanted him to see the car I bought in May.........(2005 Altima)

I picked him up and took him over to my soon to be new home. Of course it's empty right now, but that's perfect, when he returns in December he can appreciate how everything has come together. Just got home about an hour ago, managed enough energy to complete my workout routine and here I am. Oh yes, called Grammy and updated her on the progress...I'm sure she wont remember tomorow we spoke, but it's worth it to hear her exitement. (I love that photo of her from this summer)

Have had this song in my head all day...and wanted to share it.....
So for those of you who made it this far...I have another Tori song for you. This time its a CURE cover, and I think the most remarkable version of this classic ever attempted (I especially hate the newer 311 version..which is ironic because I loved them in the day) Any of you that are in love or have loved will appreciate this I think. Just close your eyes and listen to the lyrics and her delivery............

(Tori Amos, live on LOVELINE)
Friday, October 07, 2005
Anyone wondering
where I got the name of my Blog?

It is a lyric in fact, taken from a Tori Amos song
(yup her again..guess I can't help it, I've never been moved quite so much by an artist before or since discovering her in '97)

Doughnut Song
(Click to hear, this is a WMA file hosted by a friend, please have a listen..)

is from her 3rd solo album Boys for Pele (my favorite) and evolved from a very difficult breakup from her long time boyfriend Eric. She has a way of transfering her emotions to us through lyrical genius.
Thanks to the amazing Audrey at
here are the lyrics:

had me a trick and a kick and your message
well you'll never gain weight from a doughnut hole
then thought that i could decipher your message
there's no one here dear
no one at all
and if i'm wasting all your time
this time
maybe you never learned to take
and if i'm hanging on to your shade
i guess i'm way beyond the pale
and southern men can grow gold
can grow pertty
blood can be pertty
like a delicate man
copper to steel
to a hinge that is faltered
that let's you in
let's you in
let's you in
something's just keeping you numb
you told me last night
you were a sun now
with your very own
devoted satellite
happy for you
and i am sure that i hate you
too sons too many
too many able fires
and if i'm wasting all your time
this time
i think you never learned to take
and if i'm hanging on to your shade
i guess i'm way beyond the pale

If you guys don't know who she is, please pick up one of her albums, the last two, Scarlet's Walk (2002) and The Beekeeper (2005) are truly amazing.

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