Friday, September 30, 2005

This blog began July 12th, 2005, but was deleted hastilly in May of 2006. I posted every day, and fortunately was able to restore (through Google/Msn/Yahoo Caching) many of the posts. However many of the images were lost, and the original comments are not viewable. 15o Posts were lost forever. As I said it was a hasty decision. I was absent from blogging for one month and resumed posting in late June of this year (2006). Thanks for checking the archives.
eh...insane day. Just got home and have to get up early so bed time. Inventory at work tomorow...and then off to the condo to meet the painter. The ceilings are set for monday, all is shaping up. Just took a pic so there would be something more substantial than this brief post. More detail tomorow :) Laters
Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Home finally....listening to IIEEE (Tori..have Choirgirl Hotel on random). Absolutely nothing exiting happened to me today (or worthy of note)
so...don't fall asleep....
Today flew by..which is of course a good thing. I am in IT (didnt know if ive mentioned that yet). It appears I am ok at work, nothing has been said and if they had seen what I suspected they saw...I would be busted! I blogged a little at work today during the down moments, finding so many more interesting people! SO...I kind of broke off the dating thing I had going since we havent seen each other in a week, and I was getting shady vibes (I'm usually on the mark). Still no word on the ceiling guy, which is making me a bit uneasy since I want to be in by Nov 1st. Had a fantastic lunch thanks to my aunt the caterer (Grilled chicken, zuchini, yellow squash). My trip is nearing quickly (Dec 15th!) and still have to reserve the London friend is slacking. Paris and Dublin are set.
Tuesday, September 27, 2005
I so need a shave, but like my scruff when I can get away with it. I'm at work right now, and thats apparently a good thing! Going home in 40 minutes..yea!!!! I want to get out of the house tonight, maybe hit the casino (Mohegan Sun) or something. I haven't been in ages. Still haven't heard back from the ceilings guy as far as when hes spraying, and when I can start on the walls. For some reason shopping for new furniture sounds like a lot of fun..just can't start until everthing ELSE is done.This blog is going to be really interesting when all is said and done, because I started it before I even FOUND the place, and I try and keep mentioning the daily progress with photos. Some day I will look back on this and be really happy about the whole thing.
Sunday, September 25, 2005
well this was a boringish sunday....Worked at the BIG E till 10:30 and then spent the whole rest of the day at my mother's (except for a quick run to the condo). Had Teriyaki chicken w/Zuchini and Broccoli for lunch (at 99's). Then Chicken and Veggies for dinner. Weight is up (which I'm happy about since I am pretty much at zero body fat right now) at 156. My cats are getting so big now that they are spade...including a pic of each (Jynx the calico and Suede the grey) Laters :)
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Saturday, September 24, 2005
worked the BIG E again all morning...ehk I'm so tired. I ate Arroz con Gandules and Pinchos for lunch and grilled chicken salad for dinner. I am soooo sore from standing on the cement all day. Now I await the call from the Ceiling Painter who is supposed to call me soon (6:04pm)..I am energyless. Here is a pic from today and one from just now. I've got a pseudo goatee working now..and I look a little more Persian than usual. Eh..not sure if I like it much.

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Friday, September 23, 2005
Floors refinished, step 1 complete! Now just need the ceilings sprayed and the nasty peach walls's a few from tonight I (well my friend) took.

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

on another I didn't know all these gazillion blogs were out there. All I did was check out someone's linked blogs and it mushroomed into a chaotic mess. There aren't enough days in the week to read half of them. I have to say tho, some are absolutely brilliant!! Something for me to work on I guess. My days of late haven't been really very exiting, work, condo plannage...workout, eat sleep. How much fun is THAT? Ive started back on the carbs now, slowly (actually ate a turkey sandwich today!). Im still gaining definition and increasing reps so this is a good thing also. Quite a difference from 2 months ago

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

DEER IN HEADLIGHTS..........Hectic day...have barely enough time to post this! Work was mad crazy, then off to dinner with my family, and then home for my workout...I feel like I just got up.Tomorow will be a little slower. In the spirit of JM I am posting a quick pic.Laters :)
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Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Saw this really amazing film, CRASH last night. Woah was I blown have all of these very intense people whose lives are intertwined through crime, tragedy and prejudice. Set in Los Angeles and with a fantastic cast (Brendan Fraser, Sandra Bullock, Ryan Philippe, LUDACRIS!!, and even Matt Dillon who wasn't looking so washed up in this one) Rent this seriously you won't regret it. Really surprising turns. Had Grilled Sesame chicken Salad for lunch and Boston Market Turkey, mixed Vegitables and Spinach for dinner. mmm I'm starving this morning, but forgot to go to the ATM so I could get breakfast. I'm going to have another wrap for lunch I think. Laters :)