Tuesday, September 27, 2005
I so need a shave, but like my scruff when I can get away with it. I'm at work right now, and thats apparently a good thing! Going home in 40 minutes..yea!!!! I want to get out of the house tonight, maybe hit the casino (Mohegan Sun) or something. I haven't been in ages. Still haven't heard back from the ceilings guy as far as when hes spraying, and when I can start on the walls. For some reason shopping for new furniture sounds like a lot of fun..just can't start until everthing ELSE is done.This blog is going to be really interesting when all is said and done, because I started it before I even FOUND the place, and I try and keep mentioning the daily progress with photos. Some day I will look back on this and be really happy about the whole thing.
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