Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Home finally....listening to IIEEE (Tori..have Choirgirl Hotel on random). Absolutely nothing exiting happened to me today (or worthy of note)
so...don't fall asleep....
Today flew by..which is of course a good thing. I am in IT (didnt know if ive mentioned that yet). It appears I am ok at work, nothing has been said and if they had seen what I suspected they saw...I would be busted! I blogged a little at work today during the down moments, finding so many more interesting people! SO...I kind of broke off the dating thing I had going since we havent seen each other in a week, and I was getting shady vibes (I'm usually on the mark). Still no word on the ceiling guy, which is making me a bit uneasy since I want to be in by Nov 1st. Had a fantastic lunch thanks to my aunt the caterer (Grilled chicken, zuchini, yellow squash). My trip is nearing quickly (Dec 15th!) and still have to reserve the London friend is slacking. Paris and Dublin are set.
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