Wednesday, August 10, 2005 we are spending one night in Dublin, so exiting! We have the plane and hotel reservations traveling from London all set now. Was a mediocre day, very busy with my boss gone, so stressful. Had a great dinner with my aunt, Baked Scrod with Zuchini and an amazing salad. Lunch was just a salad as I am pretty poor at the moment. Just got back from my nightly power walk and I am wiped out as usual. Woke up this morning 15 minutes before it was time to leave, but I was rested so thats a good thing. The last 2 weeks I have been taking a multi-vitamin also, and although my diet is Carb-free, I have been eating a lot of fish chicken and turkey so theres the protein I need to build up muscle. My stomach is hard as a rock now, and my legs are getting pretty much the same. Im a little concearned about the weight tho, I was 153 this morning and at 6' thats not where I want to be. I guess eventually I will need to do the carb thing to gain mass, but I just cant seem to do it. I dont think Ive had a Potato in 6 months, and bread longer. Rice is my weekness however, and I had some the night before I started this blog on July 18th. Off to shower and bed..laters
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