Friday, August 26, 2005
eh...It's 1:19 AM and I am at work. Third shift really sucks, and I have to do this up until tuesday night of this coming week as well. Had a great dinner with Gram and my Aunt tonight. I had the most incredible Baked Schrod. Lunch was a quick can of tuna. The workout went very well, but life seems to speeding up laterly. Off to the beach for the weekend until sunday. calls again *sigh*


Happy Friday...I worked last night and got home at 745 this morning. Pretty much fell asleep right away and woke up at 1215 by a knock from my friend who lives upstairs. His father passed away, so sad :( He was pretty shaken up naturally, and left to be with his family right after. I went back online after, played some lottso and then did my in-house lift, crunch, aerobic workout I havent missed in over a month once. I am leaving for the beach at 2 until sunday. I have to work sunday night thru tuesday for the 3rd shift guy. ehk. But nothing can take away the exitement of Monday's Condo closing!!! I need a shower, have to pack, and do some things
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