Thursday, August 18, 2005
YEA!!! Today is a MONTH!! And I haven't stopped! When I started on July 18th I weighed 174 pounds, I am now 157. Its incredible what happens when you eliminate Carbohydrates. I don't care what anyone works. I wasn't fat (6' 174) and even I shed the poundage like crazy without the carbs. I also gave up any sodas with sugar and drank lots of water. We americans dont have too be overweight, Down with the breads, pastas, rices and Potatos! I have had a great time eating everyting else (Red Meat excluded), and I'm never hungry. I'm at work right now..but tonight will be a long one so I may not get to post later. Yesterday was interesting, got a letter in the mail stuffed with something for my EX...not sure what is in it but now I have to make that call. Had chicken and Zuchini for lunch, and this chicken/tomato/hot pepper thing (I have been addicted to lately) for dinner. Laters :)
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