Wednesday, August 03, 2005
im so sore today, ehk..this couch thing is killing me! Had a pretty good day yesterday, met a new friend who is pretty funny and we get along really well. We watched John Waters new movie A Dirty Shame. I own it and have seen it already but he hadn't. We were hysterical, I am a huge Waters fan so I could watch it a zillion times. Today is the inspection on my condo so I get a couple hours away from work, mom is meeting me there (she hasn't seen it yet so this is kool). Had an incredible dinner yesterday, fresh Zuchini, tomatoes, peppers, italian dressing and marinated chicken breast. I had a huge chicken salad for lunch also. This blog is really helping me kick the alcohol thing, since I started, I've had a few urges to go to the package store but I think about what I've done so far (and trust me this is a huge accomplishment) and it passes. My new friend doesn't drink at all so hanging out with him wont be a problem. He does smoke like a chimney tho! :(
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