Tuesday, August 02, 2005
Damn couch is killing my neck. I packed up my bedroom mostly and the bed is dis-assembled right now, so I am sleeping in the living room on an antique couch from my great grandmother.Its huge but about as comfortable as a sidewalk. Every morning I wake up and have shooting pain in my back. Doesn't stop my workouts, I just have to stretch a bit before to get flexible. I dreamed last night that I ate like 4 burritos and a huge plate of nachos, strange. Maybe it's my body begging for carbs, I dunno. I had a great grilled chicken salad for lunch yesterday and a zuchini with tomato garlic sauce for dinner. Just for curiousity sake I weighed myself this morning and Im 158. Still losing I see, wondering how to handle that one. Listening to Parasol from the Beekeeper, one of my favorite tracks. I have a date sorta tonight, well more like getting to know someone who I have a lot in common with, but am not interested in sexually. Theres a first, guess I've reached the desperate zone. I'll post the results... (as if anyone is watching anyway) Laters :)
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