Monday, August 22, 2005
Monday is over thank god...was pretty busy at work, getting ready to install the new AS/400. I called the electric company, cable, phone and Condo association to get things in order for monday. My electric switches over on the 29th (the day of the closing) my Phone, Cable and Internet are all through Comcast Cable and to be turned on September 10th. I had an arguement with Verizon because i was being billed the last 3 months with NO service and she refused to rebate me anything. UGH! I hung up on her and called the Cable company who has this new Digital telephone thing that is connected to your cable internet. Sounds really cool! I had a sesame ginger salad for lunch and a Chicken tomato thing I made for dinner, was really good with fresh tomoatos. Workout went really well, 2 reps of 100 on each arm (20 pound weights) 110 forward crunches and 115 reverse crunches. Then my 4 mile power walk which i knock out now in 35-40 minutes. Its so cool and airy now at night, and with my ipod the time flies. So..need a shower and going to play some pogo. Laters :)
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