Thursday, August 04, 2005
The inspections went very well, a couple of outlets need to be changed, a cracked mirror-door and a coroded pipe, nothing really major. My mom was there for the whole thing and is giving me some really great decorating advice (she has amazing talent for this area). I can't WAIT to get in there with my paint. Just about three weeks away, still have so much to pack. Weight was 158.2 today, and Ive been eating pretty well (still no carbage) My mother made a veggie lasagna that it was VERY hard to resist but I held strong and ate Salad, broccoli and ham. Ive also cut down on the coffee (2 cups a day), and FINALLY im not sore anymore, even was able to do the full workout which i missed yesterday because of the neck/back pain. Laters :)
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