Tuesday, August 09, 2005
Just got back from my walk, was very comfortable out and breezy. Had grilled chicken salad for lunch and dinner, still not sick of it yet. Plans for Europe in December have changed. We had issues with the flight times switching in Milan, and American Airlines had to help us out with it. We decided since we were flying in and out of London to just stay there and not see Italy/Sicily this time since we were already there in '03. We have revamped out whole travel plan. We arrive in London on a Friday morning, are going to spend that day and the next in the City, then the following morning fly to Dublin for an overnight stay at this amazing Georgian hotel.
We come back to London on monday evening and then on tuesday take the Chunnel to Paris for the day (3 1/2 hours each way it should be a tiring but exiting experience). Wednesday we take an out of London tour to Stonehenge and maybe Dover, and then we leave thursday night. I am really exited about Dublin, and riding the Chunnel, the diagram above scares the hell out of me, but I have to do it!!

I need a shower and going to relax and call mom to tell her (She doesnt know yet..and with everything London has had to endure lately with the terrorists she isnt going to be happy).
Laters :)
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