Monday, August 15, 2005
so..tomorow is the big night! Tori in Wallingford...I am so exited. Not really exited to see a few people i'd rather avoid from the Tori @Forums, but I am not going to get there early so maybe that won't be a problem. Today was a good day, my boss is back from vacation and things are back to normal. Had Chicken Marsala and salad for lunch, plus some more Cheese/Egg Quiche. I didnt eat dinner because I was still full from lunch. Probably a bad idea since I power walk 4 miles each night, as well as Freeweights and crunch. My muscles are so tight and burning I must be doing something right. It was freaking COLD out tonight, and I still am drenched because I go so fast. Need a shower and to do some laundry. Laters :)
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