Saturday, January 13, 2007
saw this with the kids today ....
Son numero uno and I liked it.
his younger brother did not ....
Yea ok I admit it, my hand was over my eyes a couple times ...
But 40 Foot long Cocodrillos (see HS Spanish teacher I've retained some vocab) are scary
Speaking of my younger son .. we made another Guitar Video today

This kid has some serious potential .. he hasn't had any lessons (I'm working on that)
Oh yea and my older son asked me today about Duke
He's been reading the blog.
so I dedicate this post (he has such an eclectic taste in music) to him
click arrow to Play
White Rabbit
Show Business
Everything's coming up roses
I Love you Steven :)

Blogger Ur-spo said...
some of my family members read my blog too; makes writing a bit ticklish and careful to know they are peeping.

Blogger M- Filer said...
Damn...the kid is good!

Blogger Lemuel said...
As they say (or used to)...way cool

Blogger Spider said...
That boy has some talent... to have two such wonderful sons - you are blessed... and WHAT an eclectic mix of music!

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...
cool beans...keep him motivated.

I'm hoping this means that a son's love for his father far surpasses any pre-conceived ideas or notions about sexuality.

My fingers are crossed for you. But don't ask me to wiggle my ears. I haven't mastered that talent yet.

Blogger john said...
He's good. Maybe we'll see him in concert some day!!
Maybe it's just me, but I tend to feel that formal instrument lessons may blunt a natural talent. Maybe if he just got lessons for some guidance, but not all out formal instruction.

Blogger Benji said...
i looked up a spoiler for the movie and i think i would have sided with your younger son...

i'm still looking forward to seeing some Kal Penn movies with you tho :)

Blogger Michael said...
Eclectic? Well those songs definitely are indeed hehe. And what's funnier is that I love every one of those myself! (I was surprised to hear the Mozart's Lacrimosa!!)

I only recently finally saw a movie in the theatre again. First time in about 6 months which is odd for me, but now I have to go and see this one cause if you were covering your eyes? That's a good enough review for me :)

And much Kudos to your kiddo!


Blogger Mikey said...
Kool young man you are raising! Gotta see the movie now and quite the spectrum of music!

Blogger potusol said...
White Rabbit is easily my favorite singing in the car song. : )

Blogger Atari_Age said...
Just hearing that brings back memories of a couple of friends in college who'd sit around teaching each other licks and tricks. If he's got where he is with no teaching, he should go far with a trainer!

As for Primeval, I had a small beef with it just cause of the advertising. All the "based on a true story... worst serial killer in history... still around today!" crap kinda creeped me out. I'm thinking there's some Se7en type dude walking around today. Then I saw on a wikipedia entry that it was a frakking crocodile in South Africa!

I know, I know, how DOES one advertise a movie about a croc to get butts in the seats? I'm glad most of you enjoyed it though. :)

Blogger dirk.mancuso said...
I saw the previews and also thought it was about a real Hannibal Lecter type...crafty advertising or outright deception? Hmmmmmmmmm....

(I'll still check it out, though.)

Blogger Benji said...
way to ruin it, atari! :-P heehee.

dirk, there's a new hannibal movie coming...

Blogger Jimmi said...
WOW yeah he's doing pretty good. Some practice and I think you have a rockstar on your hands. He did a great job on the Greenday and Nirvana songs.

Blogger patti_cake said...
OMG I heart Dominic Purcell. What a HOTTIE.
I hope your son does get some lessons. Think about what a difference it could make.

Blogger Benji said...
it's been like... 3 days since your last blog entry... i demand a new posting! ;) *mwah*

Blogger Doug said...
Mike, you are AWESOME! Keep it up!

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