Monday, January 08, 2007
the weekend...
Have you ever met one of those delusional souls who believe they have this gift thing that within a relatively brief period of time can make widesweeping generalities about someone's character? They claim to have this amazing ability...
They just "know" and have never been wrong ...
That's what happened with Mr. Duke. He informed me that if we got serious I would surely cheat on him. Men who are as goodlooking as I am always do, they can't help themselves. WTF! From spending 2 evenings together he decided he would take it upon himself to start drilling everyone on my buddy list (which is displayed as many of you know from your profile view). I received two of these saved conversations from friends. Yikes! He sure was looking for something ... I've since discovered he's done this with at least one other who he dated briefly. As soon as I received the email I told Mr. Duke to shove off, and then he became rather verbally abusive. I believe his last departing words were "happy hooking!".
Later in the evening he messaged me apologizing for his behavior
he said he was completely wrong, couldn't bear the thought of not seeing me again
and that he hoped I would forgive him...
anyway... subject change I'm Duke'd out at the moment

I spent the weekend searching for a Wii, with no success. I am still kicking myself that 10 days before Christmas I was at Toys R Us and they had heaps of them. HEAPS! I just figured I would wait until after the holidays when my finances were in better shape...
yea right..
I tried Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, Walmart, Toys R Us , Costco, and then just for the hell of it CompUSA (I bought an XBox there a couple years ago so I took a shot).
Nobody has them...
When will this ridiculous shortage be over??? Summer?
anyone out there know of a major chain (or store in the Northeast) who have any?
well I'm at work and alone.
I have tons to do and shouldn't be here.. hehe
Hope everyone is having a decent Monday morning (if there is such a thing)
check this track out ... I'm addicted
My Chemical Romance -- Teenagers
S32 153

Blogger vuboq said...
Duke is scaring me a little. I hope all your synapses are firing "RUN!"

*happy monday smooches*

Blogger Doug said...
Hmm...Duke sounds like a keeper.


Love the pic! Duke sure has a big nose!

As for the Wii, maybe a specialty computer/video game store?

Blogger Polt said...
Duke = good riddance to bad rubbish. his loss.

Wii = I haven't played a video game since my Atari in the mid-80's, so I'm of no help in this search. Good luck, though.


Blogger patti_cake said...
Hope you find the Wii

Run don't walk away from Duke. There are red flags everywhere!

Blogger Spider said...
Duke need to move on down the highway... if you have Circuit City there - some of the ones here just got new shipments - your Wii is out there - don't worry!

Blogger Lemuel said...
What if I told you, you should kiss and make up with Duke?

Persian, if you do, I'll come up there personally and slap you silly! :)

Good luck with the Wii

Blogger Sorted Lives said...
I can sooo relate! Too many freaks, so little time.

Blogger Steve said...
If Duke has trust issues, he is kinda going a little overboard. However, placing total trust in someone and being burned can be devastating and that's probably what he's afraid of. And, good luck on your Wii search!

Blogger john said...
Duke was probably hurt sometime ago. Never-the-less he should have never assummed that you were a cheater.
Good luck finding the Wii!!

Blogger gayborhood gringo said...
Duke is being rather irrational, RUN!!!

Good luck finding the wii. Maybe you could find and purchase it online. I'm going to try to get one here in a few months. I have a friend moving in this weekend, so I may just find myself w/ enough finances to do so. Haven't purchased a gaming system since Nintendo 64.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Im glad he at least apologized :)

i heard a new story a few weeks ago about pople injuring themselves with those Wii's please be careful :)


Kudos on sniffing out the psycho... and I say that as a former-psycho myself... we really should know better... Anyway, you seem to have a good handle on the situation and don't need my take on it! Way to go.

Blogger MiKell said...
I haven't played a video game since Pong - and it was at a friend's house. Good luck with the search. My intuition tells me you should wait a few months. They'll not only be available, but at quite a discount.

Blogger Ur-spo said...
A good rule of thumb is to treat the delusional, not date them.
You are better off without this one.
Hang in there; a better will come along, when you least expect him too.

Blogger purpletwinkie said...
Wow, Duke sounds a bit freaky. Bu-bye. You don't need to agrivation!

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...
Follow your gut on this one. I think there are a ton of guys who relive bad relationships with their dates...yikes.

what's a wii? ;0)

Blogger Dustin said...
Okay Duke has issues obviously.

Re the Wii. Call your local EBgames and ask when they get shipments in. You'll probably need to try and get their around opening or noon when they get their UPs delivery. My local EB gets them in almost weekly, but they sell out FAST (unlike the PS3 which sits around haha!)

Blogger madamerouge said...



Like I often try to do, I can kinda see this from Duke's perspective because it happened to me but not as severe... When I broke up with my bf of three years because he cheated on me big time, I found it hard to trust guys. When I started dating the next guy, I accidentally stumbled upon his computer when he was in the bathroom, and saw his other screen names. Whenever those screennames signed on, I'd checked up to see if he was in any chat rooms (he never was). After awhile, I realized what I was doing and I snapped out of it, deleted the names, and worked on my own trust issues. Granted, I didn't go as far as Duke did, but it was close... all because of the trust issues that Bryan stripped away from me.

On the flipside, what happened to you happened to me too, and I felt completely violated when one of my exes started grilling my close guy friends, and asking them questions that were none of his business. I quickly dropped his freaky, paranoid ass.

RE: the Wii
Did you look online? compiles a slew of internet outlets and compares prices for you, and you can often find out easily who has it in stock and who doesn't... Good luck with that!!

Blogger barefoot_mistress said...
Hello PG!
I am back from India....
Ok I say run, dont walk as far away from that date as you can...
Bad news that!

Happy New Year, see you around!

Blogger Phoenixboi said...
LOL... is this a typical american gay man thing??
I told you you live on the wrong continent.


Blogger daveincleveland said...
ok i take back what i said previously about giving it some and run fast.....he is a scary man.......and you deserve so so much better than that........

Blogger Kalvin said...
Okay, Duke sounds like a bona fide nut-job. Not just eccentric like I don't understand the way you grew up, but NUTS.

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