Sunday, October 29, 2006
super busy weekend..
Just starting to catch my breath after a pretty hectic (but most excellent) weekend...

got out of work Friday, ran home, showered, ate and picked up my younger son for the show I talked about here....(All American rejects, The Starting Line, The Format, Gym Class Heroes.)

We got there just as Gym Class Heroes was starting, (they were playing this really fun song called Taxi Driver Rey told me about) picked up a couple T-Shirts and headed in. Amazing venue, excellent sound, they were all incredible (well except The Starting Line which for the most part kind of sucked, hecklers were getting rude all over the arena)
In all Fairness to them however, this song is freeking amazing! I mean it was even more incredible live than you can probably appreciate from the clip below, but seriously listen to this... I've been playing it a lot the last day or so.


(do me a favor kids, just hit the play thingy and give it one listen, all the way thru)
got home just past midnight from the show
up at 9ish, picked up kids, and after a couple hours here set off for lunch with my Aunt & Gram to celebrate (with them) my son's bday (which was the 21st but they have been busy)
Gram was just the rudest I've ever experienced in my life, even my sons were disturbed. She caused a couple of embarrassing scenes (one over the type of Brownie in her dessert), and all of a sudden is beginning to use wondrous explicatives I didn't even know were in her vocabulary (she has always been the most rigidly proper "lady") like well "Shove that up your fucking ass" and "I don't give a goddamn shit". Yikes! The poor waitress was taken back a couple times. (Well she was speaking to my Aunt, but still it's kind of traumatizing to see an 82 year old lady use that sort of language) Let's just say I don't think my son enjoyed the lunch so much, I had to calm him down and remind him that she is his great-grandmother and he must always maintain a certain level of respect toward her, especially since she is obviously not herself these days. I needed a drink after that one, and so did my Aunt.
I dropped the kids off at 5, ran home, ironed a bit (I hate ironing with a passion) and ate something before running back to pick up my older son so we could head off to The Bushnell for an 8:00 presentation of Carmen. Neither of us had ever been to an opera before, he completely enjoyed it, and for myself well, I can now say I've been (read between the lines).
There were some hippies in front of us who were really cool, dressed I suppose exactly as they had in 1969 (looking at their clothes, probably in the exact threads, one woman had a flower in her hair). I just love people who do not acknowledge the passing of time, sort of stuck back in their carefree youth. It's like they are transporting you back in time, if even just for a second.
He wants to go to another soon, I'm thinking of taking him to either NYC or Boston to one of the larger houses to see something in the near future. It was really amazing experiencing that with him, my dad would have been so proud! (He was a theatre/Opera fanatic)
I start Effexor tomorrow, had to put a few days of sobriety behind me (Thursday was the last time) since it cannot co-exist in the body with alcohol without (potentially drastic) damaging the liver. I've never in my life been on a medication for anything, this is a first, so the whole daily dose thing will be a new one for me. I just hate taking pills. I am also going to start taking a vitamin supplement, why not right?
So I am working tonight 3rd shift again, and as a result don't have my kids today (we did a lot this weekend, and were up mega late Friday & Saturday nights so I think they might just like the idea of relaxing and sleeping in today) I have much cleaning and laundry to do.
Feeling a bit Hanuman-ish today... I found like 100 photos of this Persian named Afshin on a cd while setting up the laptop. This is one of the most strikingly handsome men on this earth (no room for argument guys) Email me if you should like to see "the others".


and because this is a clean blog :) I am linking an even more interesting view here
Peace Out
S3 151
Blogger Benji said...
*big hugs*

persian-jew love, baby

Blogger M- Filer said...
You sound like a good daddy. Pretty song.

Blogger Stephen said...
Sounds like you and the boys had a great time, you are an amazing Dad. Get some rest and try not to work to hard tonight. I agree Afshin is breathtakingly handsome.

Blogger Spider said...
WOW - you can pack a lot into a weekend! Good luck with the meds - give them about 2-3 weeks to really kick in and I KNOW you will see a difference...

Blogger Steve said...
Yeah, what Spider said. You are some busy guys. Hope third shift doesn't totally suck for you and you have a good night.

Blogger Doug said...
Quite a weekend you had there. Take a load off and chill for a bit.

Wow, Afshin is a hottie.

Good luck with the Effexor!

Blogger Donald said...
Afshin is very HOT!!! I'd love to see more :-)

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...
I'm tired just reading about it. I think I would have loved the opera too. way to go for your son.

nice pics of the guy at the end, but an even better one of you at the top.

Blogger daveincleveland said...
nice pic dude buy you got it all over him..........:)

Blogger The Persian said...
Benji: *hugs* back at ya

m-filer: Thanks, and I'm so glad you checked out the song, it is my current musical addiction. (I tend to play songs I recently discover on repeat a bit)

stephen: Yes we did, I am so happy both of them got to go somewhere special. Usually when it is one of their turns to go to a concert or event I feel horrible leaving the other at home, breaks me up pretty bad.

spider: Yes it was eventful. Thanks, I am so happy you (and others) gave me input on that, your success with it was especially influential in my decision. Thank you buddy :)

steve: Well pretty soon they won't want to spend so much time with me, I have to treasure every second I can. (You know the whole teenager/car thing, I still have a few years thankfully)

donald: He is in fact the hottest Persian I have ever seen photos of. And check your email :)

Steve: You should have tried to do all of that! I was wiped out (maybe it's a sign of age).

Blogger The Persian said...
dave: nah but thanks :)

Blogger Tay Hota said...
let us know how the meds go... I have some under my sink still from a failed smoking quit a while back... the doc thought they'd cut mack on my anxiety, but there were so many warnings that I never started them... lexapro made me feel very positive though.... and I agree, he'sd a hottie persian, but not "THE Persian"....

Blogger Hanuman1960 said...


Don't feel bad about Carmen. That is not one of my favorite operas either. (Dirty little opera secret: A lot of operas are as dull as death!)

Try something by Verdi or Puccini next time. La Traviata, Turandot and Madam Butterfly are among my personal favorites!

Also stick to operas in Italian, French or German. Operas in English are just ghastly in my opinion!!

Blogger The Persian said...
tay: Really? What are you holding on to them for? Sell them on the street for gods sake (I'm kidding of course) Isn't Afshin amazing?

hanuman: now you never commented on Afshin, I felt sure you would have (he is our type). I enjoyed the opera most of all because it meant heaps to my son. Thanks for those recommendations, this one was in French, I think he would love something in Italian.

Blogger snarl71 said...
mmmmm - the 'others'. I liked the shirtless one!

My ex was on Effexor. It helped a lot...but it's one of those things that you don't want to mix with alcohol. UGH - I hate being grown up sometimes.

Blogger The Persian said...
Snarl Karl: Oh they get better, email me if you want the really bad ones! :) About Effexor, mixing it with alcohol could cause liver failure I've been told and read. It means the end of my drinking surely, well at least as long as I am taking it.

Blogger Doghigh said...
Can I just tell you? I LOVE this pic!! I really do...

You should check out the City Opera down here. It's less formal than the Met (but in Lincoln Center next to it). The productions are usually pretty decent and the tix very manageable (I also get discout tickets for City and the Met through my company's philanthropy division if you want me to check it out).

I'm no opera buff but I do enjoy going...IF I am reading between the lines correctly I might suggest that you give it another chance :-)

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