Tuesday, October 24, 2006
looks like an amazing weekend coming up..
so last night I bought tickets to Bizet's Carmen this coming Saturday night. My older son's (who I was supposed to take to a Broadway show, and well, it didn't happen because of my stupidity, read about the mess here) latest interest is Opera, and he has mentioned twice how much he would love to see one. I have never been either, and when I saw The Bushnell in Hartford was featuring two performances this weekend I jumped at the chance to get tickets for us. He was completely thrilled when I told him. I am looking forward to it.

Mary Ann McCormick will be playing Carmen. (Needless to say) I have never heard of her, however her credits are quite impressive.

What is acceptable dress for this sort of thing??

(I always picture men in Tuxedos)

and on Friday night, my younger son and I are hitting another show in Hartford:

All-American Rejects
Gym Class heroes , The Format & The Starting line

I am very familiar with AAR & Fueled by Ramen's (the hottest label in my book right now with both my addictions Panic! at the disco and The Hush Sound under their wings) Gym Class Heroes (who I getting into of late) but the other two bands are new to me. I will have to do some burning this week and start checking them out. It should be an outstanding show.

I really thought it was going to be a boring weekend (fundage issues) I am sure I will in even worse financial shape come Sunday, do you know how much Concert T's go for these days? And we can never buy just one!

Has anyone heard of this Prescription anti-depression drug called

EFFEXOR Venlafaxine?

I was reading an article about it and was curious.
I'm still at work, have to wrap this up.
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Blogger Spider said...
Effexor - costs and arm and a leg but works like a dream - you can take it from one who uses it daily!

Blogger Doug said...
Love the AAR. They're so cute! ;)

Re: Effexor. I have been on it for almost 3 years. It does control depression, but I have 2 issues with it:

1. I feel like I'm under an emotional blanket. I'm not depressed, but I'm rarely enthusiastic about anything. I've been on Prozac and Paxil in the past, and had similar experiences with those, but Effexor's effect is stronger.

2. Effexor is physically addictive. If I miss a dose, I will feel dizzy and cotton-headed the next day. I tried to quit completely once, and I had to taper my dosage over a month. The day after I got to zero, I was knocked on my ass for a few days with flu-like symptoms, but the doctor could find no actual infection. I've read horror stories of people who couldn't quit Effexor. I wish I'd never started it, cuz I don't think I'll ever get off it (which is what the company wants, of course).

Instead of anti-depressants, I'd recommend investigating neurotransmitter precursors. The company I use is NeuroScience. They analyze a urine sample and recommend supplements based on the results. I find their approach to be much more scientific, and their supplements are not at all addictive.

My $0.02.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Regarding what to wear to an opera. I always think it's nice to dress up a bit for it, but people don't really go whole hog as much as I used to think they would. Yeah, people in the primo seats or for a gala concert or something put on fancy duds. Tuxes, though? I'm betting that's really for the *special* special stuff.

You should ask Will, he would know that one way or another.

Still, I'd say, if you and your kid have some nice pants, jacket and tie, you'd probably be completely fine.

Blogger Michael said...
I'm with Atari on dressing for the Opera. Basically, from what I do when I go out to see theatre, I dress as nicely as I can. No tux, just nice shirt and tie with slacks and a jacket. (Nope..not a suit) And I am SO jealous!! Carmen is a great opera. Lots of great arias in it that you may be surprised to know that you know the tune to. I think that everyone actually knows the tune for the Toreador song (believe it or not), and Carmen's aria which I'd mangle if I tried to type it out in french but hey...you'll see what I mean hehe.

Have a GREAT time at both! I'm off to Disneyland tomorrow til Saturday so it sounds like we're both gonna be a little broke afte this weekend :)


Blogger Mikey said...
Have a great time at the events! I would wear a shirt and tie and jacket myself.

Blogger Ur-spo said...
Carmen is a good opera to start with; the tunes are recognizable and the story is good. I hope you enjoy it.
If you are going on a sunday matinee then a nice shirt/pants are OK. If you are going on a night and sitting in the 'good' seats, you'll be amoung jackets and ties.
If you are in the 'boheme' section you will see everything from jackets to jeans but no tux-that's for opening night dos.
Effexor is a Rx that covers a lot of bases (anxiety/depression/panic etc.) but can be adverse -it has a lot of potential for weight gain and sexual side effects; and (mostly) if you skip/stop it it makes you very dizzy.
There are a lot of cleaner alternatives to Effexor.

Blogger daveincleveland said...
carmen is yes an awesome opera, you and your son should really enjoy it.....effexor sounds like something i want in on....perhaps can help me cope with this shitty life cycle.......and yes no tux needed but should do shirt and tie and make sure you take pics of you in a shirt and tie.......:)

Blogger gayborhood gringo said...
I've never been to the opera before, although I would love to go. Hope the weekend w/ the kids goes well.

Blogger Benji said...
well crap, i just lost all my comments.

lemme see...

1) the bushnell's just down the road. i think a collared shirt and slacks are sufficient, but i haven't been to the opera since my first year of college

2) i hate when drugs get new "formulations." that's really just to extend the patent. nonetheless, maybe it works. different drugs work better in different people. just remember it's not a "magic bullet" and it can interact with other medications...

Blogger chris-says said...
(Perhaps) Interestingly, I have a friend playing in Carmen.

Blogger The Persian said...
spider: It does appear to be expensive yes, and also for sharing your experience with Effexor. :)

doug: Ok now you kind of scared me with that "review". How horrible!! I will check out NeuroScience, thank you for sharing.

atari: I agree, and good idea about asking Will. Looks like a Jacket & tie would be the way to go.

michael: I am pretty exited to see Carmen, and I've been told already it's a great first Opera to see (the familiarity of the music, etc). Have fun in Disney! :)

mikey: Seems like everyone is in agreement on that one, I just have to iron a shirt now. ehk

ur-so: It is an evening evern (8:00) so yea a Jacket evidently, which I have recently purchased thankfully. Weight gain and sexual side effects? Yikes!

dave: My son is very exited for sure, and yea maybe you should look into a med to help you deal with some of the stuff you are living with. *hugs*

gayborhood gringo: I never really even considered going to an Opera until my son told me how much he wanted to. Now I can't wait to share that with him!

benji: you did? What happened? Yes to the shirt and slacks I agree.

And definitely drugs have varying effects on people because of body chemistry. I don't think there is such a thing as a
"magic bullet" either, but perhaps at the very least it may make certain agonizing emotions less prevelant and more easy to live with.

chris: Really? Which role?

Lookit you becoming Emo boy! LOL... You and I need to talk emo one day... I can introduce you to some of the better emo out there that puts bands like AAR to shame (although I love me my AAR fix every now and then)... 75% of the bands that I'm the publicist for are emo (i.e. Hawthorne Hts, Emery, Chiodos, Valencia, etc.). The Starting Line are awesome... The Format are good - a bit twee pop for me... and Gym Class Heroes are hilarious (hiphop emo) - they have a song called "Taxi Driver" in which they rap a song using almost EVERY emo band's name possible... Check that song out!!

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...
I'd rather overdress than underdress...unless it was a pool party, and then, well, you can never have too little clothes on.

Carmen is awesome! It's one of the operas that's actually fun for a non opera person.
And out in AZ, you get along just fine in upscale work clothes. A nice pullover shirt with fresh slacks, etc.
I hate working third shift, although I did it for years. It's so hard to do anything during the day when you work at night.

Blogger madamerouge said...
Desert Daniel makes a good point: cast an eye to how people regionally dress for these things.

I think you'd be safe in a jacket & tie.

Blogger Polt said...
That lead singer on AAR is HOT, I think.

I've never sat through an opera, although I've seen portions of them on TV sometimes. (PBS) Nonetheless, I imagine Carmen would be a good one ot start with.

Have fun, and let us know how they went!

HUGS and stuff...

Blogger "W" said...
Carmen sounds fun! We played the music for one of our shows in HS marching band. You'll definitely recognize some of the music.

I'm sure you'll have fun at both music events this weekend with the boys.

Take care and smooches!

Blogger The Persian said...
rey: Emo boy!! haha Riiiight, in my dreams :)
Thanks for that quick review, I'd love to talk to you about music some time, you are just amazing. Can't tell you how much I admire what you have accomplished and how you know all of these bands so well. It gets overwhelming for me sometimes. :) Unfortunately it would most likely be a one sided conversation, as I have much to yet discover. I am going to check out Taxi Driver later when I get home, thanks for the heads up :)

steve: A pool party (in a warmer climate sounds fun, where are you? What time should I show up?) hehe

daniel: Excellent (being a non opera person by nature) And yea, it's a pain to get up after working the third shift, I have to do it again this coming Sunday night :(

Madamrouge: Yea me too (on being safe wearing that)

polty: Um Hot is an understatement?? hehe *hugs back at ya*

W: LOL I can so picture you band geek boi!!

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