Wednesday, October 04, 2006
I hate emergency rooms...*Updated*
I broke the big toe on my left foot last night. I was doing laundry and coming up the stairs swung the toe right into the front of the step. I heard a snapping noise, but wasn't immediately in too much pain. This morning it's swollen, I can barely walk on that foot and it hurts like hell. I'm just trying to wake up enough to go to the emergency room. I hate that place sooo much.
Way Back Wednesday...

(my biological grandmother Filomena with her
mother Florence, Springfield, MA. about 1920)

(Here she is with my sons 80 years or so later)

This is the grandmother I mentioned in #49 of one of my "Useless things about me" posts, she was a bit off the mark, but as you can tell by this photo, one of the most loving and warm people I have ever known. I am so glad that I searched for and found my biological parents so early (age 20) so that I came to know her for quite a few years. She passed away very recently.
ok so I am in a lot of pain at the moment, I need to shower and get off to Baystate Medical Center. I have some Percosets left over from when my wisdom tooth was pulled but perhaps I shouldn't try and self medicate myself. ugh..

Just home from the emergency room, I was there about 3 hours. They did a couple XRays and yea, it's broken pretty badly. I am on crutches now and my foot is in one of these cute things:

ohhh and they The Dr. did give me pills like you all said. Damn if I were a junkie I could have some fun with these:

from left to right: Vicodin, Prescription Ibuprofen and Percocets
(the last
was left over from my wisdom tooth removal a few months ago)
The funny thing is I don't even keep aspirin in the house, I hate pills. Vicodin just sounds so bad, the nurse even said if I take one, don't leave the house it's a narcotic. To be honest I'd rather just have a drink than any of these. Nah, bad idea, think I will eat lunch and go to bed. Saturday is the NYC trip with my son and I want this toe in decent shape. Oh and another thing, when you first come into the emergency room they do the whole weight & blood pressure check.... The nurse freaked and said I am way too young to have such high numbers (144/101). I have no idea what they mean but I guess it's not good. While waiting for the prescriptions I sat down at the free blood pressure machine next to the counter and it read 148/103 yikes, even worse.
thanks for all your concern, means a lot to me. Yea I know it's only a toe but you would be surprised how painfull breaking the big toe is, and how much we take for granted what we use it for (like balancing our body when walking). I better go lie down now.
S1 150

Blogger daveincleveland said...
sounds like your needing someone to go to the emergency room with you to hold your hand.....i could volunteer for that job....i agree, you sit there and sit there and sit there with their useless magazines and lousy coffee from the vending machine and wait and wait and wait.....

Blogger patti_cake said...
Ugh indeed. I have broke a toe and it ain't plesant. Hope you feel better sweetie!

Anonymous Benji said...
well, as far as i know, a broken toe doesn't get much treatment. probably a splint and maybe some pain meds... but it's not like you can get casted. i once broke my little toe banging in to an exercise bike the day of a piano recital, lol.

Blogger gayborhood gringo said...
first the toe and then the song wouldn't play for you on my blog. awww...not a good morning for you at all. hope you can get something for the pain soon.

Blogger Doug said...
Those are sweet pictures. You're right, she looks very cheerful.

Hope your toe is ok. Plenty of painkillers!

Blogger Mikey said...
Take care of your toes!!! The docs are going to give you pain killers enjoy!
Feel better my friend

Blogger Wayne said...
AWE!! Sorry to hear about your toe! Get plently of rest, don't move much and.. uh.. and drink a lot of water. and pain killers.

Blogger Miladysa said...
Poor you! Hope you are home and pain free soon!

What a wonderful photograph of your grandmother & great grandmother. I think your boys have a look of them both.

Blogger Rian said...
Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your broken toe. I guess it sucks.
I hope you get better soon. Best wishes!

Blogger daveincleveland said...
DUDE!! get that blood pressure checked and checked soon.....thats high......oh and cute you have a matching pair.......grandma looked like a really really sweet woman........
feel better

Blogger vuboq said...
ouch. hope you "heel" quickly!


I kill me.


Anonymous Chris said...
Well, sir, if you're not a fan, I'll gladly take those off your hands. Having that handy in the house on migraine days when I'm seriously grappling with the notion of taking the drill to my head would be nice.

Blogger VeryApeAZ said...
I have always had very low numbers for blood pressure. One of the many times I sprained my ankle they took my blood pressure and it was high. The nurse asked if I had a history of high blood pressure, if I was under stress, etc.. My response was, "Could it be high because I've been in excruciating pain for the past three hours!!???!!!"

I hope your toe feels better. Take a pill and take a nap. Rest up!

Blogger Steve said...
Holy Crap! Sorry to hear about the toe. It reminds me of the time I broke the little toe on my right foot... when I was putting on underwear. It got snagged in the leg hole and when I pulled up - POW! I know how it feels. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Blogger Michael said...
Damn...I just read this:( Well i hope that you're resting at least. That just really sucks man! Wish that there was something I could do for ya but I'm gonna just have to send you lots of good thoughts and hopefully you'll be doing ok by Saturday.

Talk to you soon.


Blogger Donald said...
Take care of that foot.....hope you're better soon

Anonymous Anonymous said...
heh, no offense, veryapeaz, but as far as closed fractures and sprains go, the damage is already done and though it hurts some for you to wait around, there are likely more urgent cases before you... and i'd be surprised if your adrenaline was up for so long that your BP stayed that high for 3 hours. you were probably just re-aggrevated by the time the nurse finally called you ;)

Blogger Kalvin said...
OH MY! Hopefully you were just aggravated with the BP. Sorry about the foot. That really sucks. I guess I won't be giving you that sensual foot rub like I planned after all...

Anonymous MiKell said...
I would actually agree, if you are in pain, your blood pressure would probably be pretty high.

I've only broken one bone in my life, and it was a toe. Though not the big toe, it was the "ring" toe. Pain. Lotsapain.

I also suffer from high blood pressure. "Normal", meaning average, is 120/80. My "normal" throughout my younger years was 130/70. In the last 10 years or so, I have been running 150ish over 90ish.

Medication can be your friend. But ONLY after a period of time with these types of scores.

Blogger Isolde said...
NYC boy why didn't you say so? We could meet up!!
Breaking any bone is go on & on there,
but I'd rather just ask you to please mail me some of your drugs?
Feel better!

Anonymous Thom said...
Ouch! Sounds very painful, even though it's just a toe.

I'd get the blood pressure checked out, though - that is high, particularly the bottom number.

Awwww, sorry to hear that, Jim... Take care of the toe.

And I love when you post old pics... It bums me out a little cuz I realize that I really don't have too many pics from childhood... Well, pics exist but they're all in storage in my parents' attic. *sigh*

xoxo and a big hug to get better...

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