Saturday, September 30, 2006
the crazy stuff we do..
when drinking...

(no that isn't me but I wish It was, or at least that I was the cameraman)
like last night's video. I made a couple more evidently but nobody will ever see them, I was in shock this morning when I clicked on one. Well, maybe shock isn't the word to use, perhaps horror would be more appropriate. No they aren't what you are thinking, perfectly clean, but completely embarassing. I'm not going to go out tonight (even with three offers, I will be strong)

This is a short post, I just woke up, have to run over to The Big E (It's the final weekend Yay!!) and then pick up my kids. We are actually going to spend the day there today, should be fun (and expensive). In a week or so I will have enough money to pay all my bills off, have a ridiculously extravagent weekend with the kids (we do this every year after the fair) and maybe enough left over to buy something cool, like this new PC I've been eyeing of late.
10 more useless things about me..

41. I have a grey cat named Suede, named for a Tori Amos song.
42. I suffer from insomnia.
43. I have big hands, this girl at work used to call me ET fingers (behind my back of course)
44. The first celebrity I ever met was Yul Brennar when I was about 10.
45. My drink of choice always involves Vodka.
46. I spent my summers from age 17-21 working at a local amusement park called Riverside Park (Now 6Flags New England) Damn that place has changed.
47. My Ex is now a Newscaster for a local TV station (40 WGBY)
48. My most favorite food on this earth is Paella.
49. My biological grandmother (paternal side) was a diagnosed skitzophrenic who was institutionalized for 15 years and conceived a child while committed (my Aunt). She was later released, married and had three more children. She was a hoot let me tell you, but incredibly warm and loving.
50. I cry during sad movies.


I made it to 50! Half way there now

S1 155

Blogger daveincleveland said...
oh j, don't wet our appetites and then not let us see them....your cute no matter what ya do.....:)

Blogger Rian said...
I think #50 on your list is sweet. I do that as well.
And I also cry on romantic happy ends. ;-)

Have a nice weekend.

Blogger Tay Hota said...
I have always prided myself on crying during sad movies. I mean, takes real man, and that's what the movie is MEANT to do right? My boyfriend likes to watch me cry at movies and luagh.. fucker... Wanna be my boyfriend? Wouldn't it be great to cry WITH someone, then eat pie...

Blogger Hanuman1960 said...

It's Dave Madsen, isn't it? ;P (LOL!)

Blogger Doug said...
Does WGBY stand for W-Gay-BoY?

And I absolutely loved the vid from last night! If the other two you don't want to show are like that one, then I want to see them! (*please?*)

I cry at sad movies, too. My bf doesn't really like sad movies, so I usually watch them by myself when he's out of town.

I love your vid's, even when they get "out there".
#41-brown, and named after a cheese.
42-sometimes, not so much lately.
43- me too, but that's a really good thing, for a guy.
44Yul Brenner
45-Vodka is my #2 choice. Rum comes first. Does that mean we're incompatible?
46-never worked at an amusement park. However, I have been told that I AM an amusement park.
47-Last I heard my ex was still hooking.
48-I love Paella, any way you make it.
49-My mom was a classic case of Paranoid Schizophrenia, in and out of hospitals for many years. The gentlest and kindest person I know,
50-We could jointly host "Tearfest2006".

44-Yul Brynner-People just don't remember how unbelievably hot he was. Awesomely hot(He had big hands too).

Blogger Mikey said...
Pleaseeeee show us the videos!

Blogger daveincleveland said...
puleeeeeeeeze show us...we promise not to laugh, only support you.....

Blogger Miladysa said...
I have always had a thing for Yul Bryner!

Blogger Jimmi said...
I cry during sad movies too... :)

Wow, now how did she get pregnant when she was institutionalized?

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