Wednesday, March 18, 2009
*ready to strangle someone*

This guy from Ebay I was talking about in yesterday's post received the coin I sent him (I have his signature receipt). I get an email soon after which says....

"I think the coin is MS (which means uncirculated) , leave me positive feedback and then I will refund your money"


I emailed him back that I have done my part (returning the coin within three days) and that I will not leave feedback UNTIL this is resolved and my refund is issued. He has already mentioned a "restocking fee" of 10% (that is 10% of $799.), which I will not pay, it's not in any part of the listing, especially not in the area he talks about refunds.

So I initiated a dispute in Paypal... I give him 24 hours and it's going to be escalated.
*punches the wall twice*
Blogger Jim said...
Sorry to hear about the pain you have to go through. Hopefully this will be resolved quickly and in everyone's favor.

Don't punch the wall too hard though. That guy is not worth it. And you have such a nice home. Cuddle with Kurt instead :)

Blogger Doug said...
Oi. Why are people so difficult and greedy? This will be the second time I've quoted Sartre today, as he said, "Hell is other people."

Blogger Monogram Queen said...
I hope you get your $ back, i've backed away from eBay a LOT just for reasons like this guy.

Blogger Ur-spo said...
no fun in this
this is an example why i don't like to use ebay - too many nasties.

Blogger Rian said...
I've had a problem on eBay about one month ago. Someone just vanished into thin air after he had received my money and never delivered anything.

But eBay refunded each and every penny. So, at least it wasn't a financial problem. I'm sure they'll help you as well.

Blogger q said...
Hey it was nice to see you on twitter. I hope you are doing well.