Thursday, March 26, 2009
my date....
I went on a date last night, the guy I was talking about in my last post. We met at a local Tavern, he ate, we talked. It was pretty cool. He's a lot more "gay-worldly" than I am. What I mean to say is that he belongs to a bunch of social groups in the area. I've never joined or attended a Gay social group. Might be interesting. I probably know half the people from when I used to go out years ago.
I only have one long standing gay friend in my life these days. I kinda always wanted to make more, but could never figure out how. The bar scene is not exactly the place to go to meet friends. Forget online, like I said yesterday, apart from maybe they are all meat markets populated by sex maniacs and people who aren't quite who they say they are and usually a tad (*cough*) older and less attractive than their photos would lead you to believe.
So at the very least I've made a new friend. And I suspect I will have dozens more by the time he's done with me. As far as chemistry with this guy I am on the fence. He's goodlooking enough, my age, very well educated ... I am just not sure if I am attracted to him yet. Maybe that will come later, and eh... if it doesn't like I said, he could become a good friend.
Maybe I am being kinda picky I dunno. I don't think so tho. I really liked the last guy I dated, it's just that he lives in Boston and is really busy. I think we both got tired of the long distance thing. But damn... there was chemistry, almost more than I've experienced in the past.
Blogger Jim said...
George came into my life when I wasn't even looking and when it was least expected. If it's meant to be, it'll happen. Just go with the flow. If nothing else you'll make a new friend. Even that is the hardest thing to find these days. Either way, I truly hope things will work out for you.

Blogger J Catlow-Shea said...
I think chemistry is essential...compromise on certain things, perhaps, but not on chemistry.

As has been stated you can always have a new friend.

Good to see you back - it's been ages and I've missed you :-)

Blogger Monogram Queen said...
Hoping for the best for you date/friend-wise! I am glad you are so wise about online people because it is usually as you portray it. Oh and is it too wrong that I laughed over the "they are and usually a tad (*cough*) older and less attractive than their photos would lead you to believe" Bwaa haa haaa!!!

Oh and I was going to comment on the ex in your other post but I thought "why bother?". She's not worth the time/effort and there is nothing I could say that you don't already know. I just think it's sad that she can't let go of her anger and think of the kids best interests.
I am pea-green with ENVY over your son going to the UK! OMG I hope it is the BEST trip EVER!