Sunday, March 08, 2009
Has it really been 4 months?
Proof I am still alive .. (and that I haven't taken the time to figure out my camera timer)
Yea well I guess it has been that long. Ya know, life in the condo was so much simpler... (not that I am complaining). I've been in the new house now 6 months, and the challenges never stop coming. I finished the basement a couple of months ago (pictures to come) and have been keeping myself very busy between this place, my growing sons and well, a lot more responsibility.
I think it's time I got rid of this ancient template. That may be a challenge as I forgot how to code, something that came second nature a couple years ago. I'll put it on the to do list ...
I went on a date recently, my first in like a year (maybe more). A successfull architect and professor from Boston (about an hour and a half commute). He has a working farm in Warren, which is about 40 minutes away. He's in Africa right now working on some sort of architectural project. Brilliant, very attractive, successful and we mesh well. The only thing I have an issue with (so far) is his tendency not to call for days at a time. He is teaching currently at two different Universities, and has his own design firm. Maybe I am being paranoid....
So I gave up alcohol for the new year, haven't had anything since December 20th.
I also bought these two things...

The stepper for some reason shorts out every other day (oddly enough). The Treadmill is still in a box in my garage, I haven't figured out where I am going to put it yet. I guess I should have thought of that first right? I swear, I am already outgrowing this house!!
I accepted an offer two weeks ago on my condo. I am pretty exited to be rid of that place, the condo fees and real estate taxes were getting really inconvenient. Not to mention the leaky toilet I didn't realize was slowly staining the ceiling of the unit below me. Things always seem to go wrong when places are vacant ... you would think just the opposite.
that's a quick catch up on my life, I would tell you now that I'll be back to posting every day but I have done that already (more than once) in the past and sort of didn't follow up.
later then .... hope everyone is well (if anybody still checks in anyway) I am going to check out some blogs (and friends) I miss now.
Blogger Doug said...
Hey Mr. Persian, glad to see you're still around and doing well. As far as outgrowing a house, possessions expand to fill the available space. I think that's one of George Carlin's rules.

Give my best to your sons, and good luck with Mr. Architect.


Blogger vuboq said...
You're back! (and still as sexy as ever)! Yay!

I'll look forward to slightly more frequent updates :-)


Blogger DanNation said...
Welcome back!!!

Blogger Polt said...
Hey baby, nice to see you're still alive and looking good. Glad to have you back posting too!