Wednesday, March 25, 2009
crazy week...
This has been a hellish week...
I had a date (sorta) Monday night ...
I should have known better I guess. Mhunt is not known for producing grounded interesting people who want to get to know you. It's all about getting you into bed. Sad. I was completely disappointed with the experience. Much like I have been disappointed with and of late.
Supposed to have another "date" this weekend. Eh.. I'm not feeling it from our phone conversation. Then there was that "please unlock" text I got last night out of the blue from the guy. Must have been thinking about me.. lol Not a good sign.
Oh and the MOST exiting part of my week. The buyer for my Condo (which was set to close this coming Friday) has lost his financing!!! So much for Pre-Approval. The Credit Union backed out after the appraisal. Now he is scurrying around to find a local bank to write him a new loan. He thinks he found one (I won't hold my breath). They are shooting to close a week from Friday now. I haven't slept much the last few nights thinking about this mess.
My realtor is a nightmare, so that isn't helping either. To get her on the phone is a major production. Yesterday she called me around 3:30 to tell me the buyer's financing fell through. I was at work and very busy, not able to answer my cell. I called her back 10 minutes later, she didn't answer her phone. I tried ALL NIGHT LONG, she didn't answer. All I got was a text from her once that she was in a meeting. I text her back to call me no matter how late. I never heard from her. This happens every time. She communicates through text. NOT acceptable. Like I said, nightmare.
I need a valium, no wait, a big strong drink.
Blogger Jim said...
No, my friend. You need a big long hug. Since you live so far away I can only offer you a virtual one.

Don't worry, things will get better. You'll see :)

Blogger madamerouge said...
[offers a second virtual-hug, from Canada]

Blogger Steven said...
*offers a big strong drink*

and a hug.

Blogger Monogram Queen said...
Yuck I hate crap like that! I hope you get the condo sold and the stupid realtor out of your hair!
Go look at your sweet pets, they will make you smile.