Saturday, September 13, 2008
My new toy...

I ran down to CT today with the kids and "bought me a Deere"!
X300 Tractor, 42-Inch Edge Xtra Deck
17-hp V-twin, air-cooled John Deere iTorqueâ„¢ Power System (which provides more lugging ability, full pressure lubrication, even cooling, and durability) provides excellent power and performance, easy starts and smooth operation.
Mows up to 3.5 acres! (I have only 1 Acre, but it's all open).
Since this is my first house, this is also my first mower/tractor. I felt like an idiot as the salesman rambled on about what to do every season, yikes! There is just as much maintenance on these babies as a car. (The only thing that is different is that (with my car) I can pass it all off to Jiffy Lube ) I guess I have a lot to learn.
After The Deere dealership, we went furniture shopping (Ethan Allen) to buy the kids a new bedroom set. I figuered I would let them pick out what they wanted. Not exactly what I had in mind, but they loved this one set. Reminds me of a bachelor pad bed. It's all one piece and very dark. I guess you pay through the nose for decent solid wood furniture. I had been to this horrible trashy place called Raymour and Flanigan previously, all of their sets were veneer over pressboard (or something). They try to pass this junk off as quality but it's far from it. I guess it's easy to con a yokel. Make it big and shiny and "fancy lookin" and it's a sale. Thank god my father was an Interior designer and I was raised to know the difference.
Well the big day is Friday (the closing)...

I uploaded some pictures to my domain here: My New House

Life has been quite hectic these past couple weeks. A couple showings of my condo, no offers yet! I am not going to remove anything from here until it sells, a furnished condo (so I am told) will show better. Besides, I am having way too much fun buying new stuff. They are delivering my new bedroom set and the tractor the day after the closing, which is this coming Saturday. Ethan Allen told me they couldn't deliver the kids set until Mid-October. My next project is rugs. I have a huge open room which extends from the front entry to the back sliding glass door. I have to get the dimensions to figure out how large of an oriental to buy. Then there is the new table to go in front of my couch, and the rug to go under my dining room table. I will be broke soon enough!
In other news, a friend from work was brutally murdered last week. He was a driver for my company, and a good friend. He was older (64) and also Gay, we hung out many times at The Pub in Springfield. His name was George Roy, and I am going to miss him so much. His contageous laugh, his sense of humor, his kind, caring nature. One of the sweetest men I have ever known. I do not know his roomate who killed him (Peter Bruneau) but I hope that bastard gets what is coming to him. George was sitting in a chair watching TV and that man hit him over the head with a "roofing hammer" and then proceeded to stab him to death. He put his body in a bag, drove north into Vermont and dumped my friend just off Route 91 near Wethersfield.
Here is the monster that took my friend's life....

He is wearing a tshirt with our (George and I's) company logo on it.
This man never worked for JPolep, this was most likely a gift from George.
How disturbing is that????
The article and video is here: Murder in chicopee
ok I'm 0ut for now
Blogger tornwordo said...
The link to your house pictures didn't want to work for me. I think you bought that house just so you would have to buy the tractor mower ; )

Wow, conflicting emotions here for you... I'm so happy for you and the house and the riding mower...

But, Jim, that story about your friend's murder is horrifying. My thoughts are with you, your coworkers and his relatives.

Blogger Michael The Shadow said...
Jim, I know it's been a long time since I left a comment but I'm really happy for you hearing about the house. The pictures look amazing! Hopefully once you're settled in I might have the money to send you a "Happy New House" present :)

I'm sorry to hear bout your coworker. That's pretty scary actually and I hope that guy is put away for a Looooooong time.

Take care of yourself and I'll send you an email soon.


Blogger Doghigh said...
I am SO sorry to hear about your friend! How horrible and utterly disturbing...