Monday, August 25, 2008


I backed out of the house. I had 10 days from the inspection to get out of the P&S agreement, and well, the house was really old (built 1950) and needed way more repairs than I was wanted to spend on.
I am kinda sad but at the same time relieved (It really would have been a money pit)
I'm starting over now (looking) and hoping to buy a lot and build new
There isn't much available as far as buiding lots available (with the cost of building a house) in my price range...
My price range will double after the 1st of the year
I am thinking of waiting until then...
nah.. I am definitely waiting until then..
I got a new call today from my realtor, another request to show the condo
This is a good thing
If my condo sells, Mom said I can move into her house (she lives in Florida Dec-Apr) and put my stuff in storage.
The Sale of this place would add 110K (and that is figuring on a LOT less than I am asking) to my "budget" for a new place
So buying a new place is on the back burner for a while
now I just have to wait (and hope my condo sells) I only moved here 3 years ago, ironically the date that I started this blog. I am prepared to take it down a lot, despite the fact that I've spent heaps on improvements (newly sprayed ceilings, new paint in all rooms, refinished hard wood floors, BRAND new kitchen just 2 months old).
Blogger vuboq said...
sorry the house didn't work out :-(

i hope you'll find something great soon! *smooches*

vuboq needs a guest room ;-)

Blogger Doug said...
Ack, that's such a let-down. I'm sorry things didn't work out, but hopefully you'll end up with something better in the end. Building new can be a lot of fun.

Blogger Stephen said...
Sorry about the house. If you were finding more things wrong than right, it was a good decision to pass on this one. Don't worry something will come along and you will be glad you waited. Remember, good things come to those that wait, at least that's what they tell me.

Blogger daveincleveland said...
sorry dude but gut feelings always should be followed...but dude,built in 1950 and really old...damn i was built in a great big house in cleveland for sale...interested...5 bdr bath 1/2 and place in back yard where a pool......used to be....
have a great night

Blogger Francesco said...
good luck in buyin a new place!
Miss ya..
Get in contact with me!!

Blogger S said...
Hey Persian,

Hows it going? Was just updating my blog roll and thought Id see if you were still around!
Good luck with house hunt...

Blogger Ur-spo said...
if intuition says 'no' that is a good guidance.
you will find the 'right one' yet.

Blogger Benjamin said...
How have you been...?

Blogger daveincleveland said...
any luck with the sale, or finding a have you been