Thursday, January 03, 2008
I really meant to keep going daily here, but things have been popping up and I am still feeling miserably deafish.
I went to The Doctor on Wednesday, two hours later they removed a wax ball (gross I know, sorry) the size of a dime. The Nurse gasped, exclaimed "Ohhhh my GOD!" plucked it out and made me look (ew), and then said she had never seen anything like it (and given her advanced age that meant heaps). Sadly I still can't hear out of that ear, they said I have more wax to remove. I've got to continue using the drops until Monday when they are going to try all over again.
Work has been insane... Month, Quarter and Year End, yuk.
Tonight I learned my Gram is getting worse, possibly even had a stroke tonight (we will find out after test results are in tomorrow). We are a very small family (essentially Gram, me, my two sons and my Spinster Aunt, my father (her son) passed away when I was 15). I am going to go up and see her tomorrow after work. Her mind has been steadily failing for the past few years, but her body has always been in fantastic shape. She's in her early 80's and could run circles around most 55-60 year olds. It comes from a lifetime of pampering and healthy living.
I'm really worried..
Anyway... things have been hectic, and continue to get even more hectic.
I have to catch up on all my friend's blogs but it's like one thing after another lately...
Blogger Lemuel said...
Best thoughts for health and healing for your Gram and for you. The inability to hear is maddening! I hope the doctors are able to clear it all out for you soon.

Blogger Patti said...
Hey I just found you again thorugh Lucas! I am so sorry to hear about your Gram :( I have had ear issues and had surgery the end of Nov so I FEEL YOUR PAIN (I yelled so you could hear me hehe...)

Blogger Doug said...
I hope things turn out better than expected for your Gram. And I hope you can hear by the time you go visit her.

Blogger daveincleveland said...
hugs for you buddy...i of course will keep Gram in my prayers as well as strength for you to maintain you hectic schedule as well as spend time with her
hugs from cleveland

Blogger Miladysa said...

Blogger Stephen said...
Prayers to heaven for your Gram and for you. Having to go through this is never easy. ((((Hugs)))

Blogger Ur-spo said...
nasty things; ear wax build up
but i hope you will be clear as a bell in no time.
Meanwhile, a prayer or two from this end for Gran.