Sunday, January 20, 2008
ok so...
I've been away for a bit, after Gram passed I have been kind of in a funk, and it started really sinking in, she's gone forever. It seem like one thing after another.
I am pretty much ok
My sons actually keep me feeling alive and focused
I know that sounds corny but they always have. Just spending time with them makes me forget anything that is bothering me.. Anything. I helped give them life, they help keep me sane, what a trade off.
moving right along...
we saw Cloverfield today
about a year ago I saw the preview in the theatre, at that point the film had not been officially named. I knew then it was something I just had to see... and oh SHIT was I spot on!!
If you can get past the shaky camera (the whole movie is filmed with an ever-moving hand held digital camera) you will leave the theatre stunned. It really was even better than I expected it to be (and trust me I expected it to be amazing)
so my younger son always notices this picture on my fridge..

Yea I admit it I really like Zachary Quinto (Sylar from Heroes)

I also kinda like this video someone made on Youtube...
My kids HATE Justin, but I don't so much...
Blogger Polt said...
Glad to know you're doing okay...was a bit worried.

Going to see CLoverfield sometime soon, everything I've read about it has been glowing reviews!


Blogger Brad said...
I'm sorry about Gram, y'all seemed to have a very special relationship. I was very close to my dad's mother as well.

Yeah, I have a thing for JT, too. Impressive voice, awesome pop hooks in his songs. Plus, he is sooo fine.

Blogger Ryan Charisma said...
I loves me some Syler too.

Blogger Ur-spo said...
it is always hard after a death. it hurts so.
hang in there.

Blogger Patti said...
It is very understandable, you've suffered a huge loss. You've been in my thoughts honey. Your remaining family will get you through.

Blogger Doug said...
I'm glad your kids are keeping you positive.

Your kids hate Justin? Timberlake? I like him. Good rhythm. Catchy tunes. Good dancer.

Blogger Doghigh said...
god yeah, Zachary Quinto is HOT. I've walked past him a couple times on my way home from the gym...the last time he was wearing these big "Swifty Lazaar" type glasses and looked somewhat...silly.

But still...I'd probably like sharing a prison cell with him :-)

Blogger madamerouge said...
I do not care for cinéma vérité (shaky cam). I do care for Mr. Quinto! :-P

Blogger Will said...
Grandmothers are very special people. Both of mine were huge influences on me, more positive in many ways than my own parents. Condolences on the loss of one so special to you.

Blogger gayborhood gringo said...
sorry to hear about your gram.

as for cloverfield, i really enjoyed it. it's one of those love it or hate it films. unfortunately, they are going the same route as Blair Witch and making a sequel.