Friday, December 28, 2007
This is really exiting!!!

Are YOU or do you know an adoptee born in Massachusetts before 1975??
December 5th, our Deval Patrick (our Governor) signed into state law an amendment allowing full access to your original birth certificate. I happened upon this via a genealogy website I follow. I am an adoptee, and was born in Massachusetts. While I found my natural parents on my own when I was 20 (you can read the story here:
Never the less I will be writing for a copy of my original birth record as soon as I get home from work tonight. I never thought I would see the day this would happen, so... spread the word.
Here is an official link to Chapter 109 of The Acts of 2007
Here is a link to the page you will need to read/download to obtain the records:
Obtaining your original Massachusetts Birth Certificate (un-certified)
(under the word Documents, center of the Page)
Blogger Lemuel said...
I know that means a lot to you!

Blogger Mikey said...
Hey Bud! Just stopped by to wish you a happy New Years!!