Wednesday, December 19, 2007
saw this last night....

The theatre was completely packed (odd for a Tuesday night..)
I really enjoyed the film. Will Smith was amazing as usual, and the plot/storyline fascinating. I haven't yet seen "Omega Man" (the book/film this is said to have been loosely based upon) but now I am going to make a point to rent it.
New York City, 2012. A Viral cure for Cancer gone haywire.
Apparently one uninfected human left..
That's all I'll say... Go see it!
I was doing the whole "hand over eyes" thing throughout the film.
Way Back Wednesday ....
(Pictures from my childhood)
This goat didn't look too pleased with my advances.

Blogger Lemuel said...
Goat? Advances?

Really, Persian!


Blogger Miladysa said...
When I first saw the trailer for I Am Legend I immediately thought of Omega Man! I had no idea that it was actually based on it :]

Blogger Doug said...
I really like Will Smith. I'm glad he continues to do well-made films.

Re: goat: what Lemuel said. You were far too young to think about goats that way. LOL