Thursday, December 20, 2007
I'm addicted to

In case any of you guys are not familiar, this program takes an mp3 and creates a ringtone for your cell. The cool part is that you import the mp3, then pick the 35 seconds you want to serve as your ringer. You know how when you buy a ringtone (for $2.99) from let's say Sprint and it's never the part of the song you want? That problem is over. I've already filled my available space a few times, it's so much fun to use. The program sends the finished file right to your phone via satellite. Everytime I get a text message now Borat announces he's "King of the Castle".
In other news...
I am soooo broke right now, and haven't even started Christmas shopping! I have to do that Friday night (payday). Fun Times. I always wait until the last minute (not just Christmas shopping, it's my MO, since I was a kid). Something about the weekend before Christmas tho, when you walk into a store or mall, it just feels so much more like Christmas then let's say November. Plus my budget is so tight that spending money on gifts during the year would probably make me fall behind in my condo fees, electric bill or cell.
I have $4.72 in my checking account at the moment and a quarter tank of gas.
but I did bring lunch today so at least I can eat.

(well at least I am current with all my bills at the moment, most likely the reason I am broke)

Blogger Ur-spo said...
i rely on you to keep me abreast of the tech news; otherwise i am back in the 1800s on these matters.

Blogger Doug said...
Here's hoping you get a raise for Christmas.

Blogger Lemuel said...
And here I thought that the fact that I had a similar MO betrayed my straight genes. You make me feel much better! :) As Christmas nears I too am broke and have little or no shopping done. I am glad to hear you had at least a lunch to eat and (I hope) enough gas to get home.