Saturday, December 08, 2007
couple new developments....
My Dell XPS 420 will be here in 3-5 days
750G Hard Drive 4G Ram, sweet ass sound and video card...
I am completely stoked...
oh and my bumper is fixed (earlier post)
and as a bonus had the front bumper fixed and the car detailed
seriously it's like new...
I guess that isn't such a big deal since the car is only 2 years old but still..
I was feeling really down lately since my car got damaged and both my tower (I am on the laptop right now) and my external drive failed within a month of each other...
let's not even go into the still being dateless and single now for like 2 years..
Here I am just now next to my xmass tree... (yea I look really stupid)
I'm wearing the amazing cap Vuboq made for me

my sons helped my decorate the tree ...
How Kool is THAT???
I swear everytime I walk in and see it I think of them and this big ass grin comes over my face. Makes it so incredibly special, especially in this incredibly lonely world I live in. Yea okay enough of the wallowing...
thought I would share a video of one of my favorite artists...
got the chance to see him back about 4 years ago in Northampton
Bright Eyes (Conor Oberst)

Have a cool weekend

Blogger Steve said...
Congrads on one super-fine computer. And it's nice to sense you in good spirits again. I could be wrong, but I sensed the doldrums from you :)

Blogger vuboq said...
you look totally hot in that hat! and your tree is nice too!

Blogger Lemuel said...
I think it is cool that you are so moved thinking your sons helped you decorate the tree!

Blogger Ur-spo said...
new computer = more frequent postings, i trust?

Blogger Tom said...
I think that tree is perfect.

Blogger DanNation said...
Looking great and cute.

Blogger daveincleveland said...
great looking tree......even hotter looking tall male standing next to the hat

Blogger Polt said...
Tree looks great, packed full of lights and ornaments and everything. Mine's bit more sparse.

And if I saw you, I would keep staring...and not just to see if you did a trick.


I thought you were through with Dell last year when you went through all that customer service crap with them.

Pretty tree. This year, we went back to basics. Not a lot other than a simple tree, some garland and some lights.

The holidays sure seem to be coming up on us fast....

Blogger Doug said...
Yay! for the computer and the bumper. And I love the tree.

I'm staring. ;)

Blogger Marko said...
Wow, that comp. is kickin!