Wednesday, November 28, 2007

backing into a parking spot here at work this morning my bumper caught on this protruding piece of metal and and it ripped the whole thing nearly off, leaving a very upsetting tear through the entire piece. This is the third car damaged by this piece of metal, which (from what I understand) was to have been removed right after the cement block set, but wasn't.
I called my insurance company and they said I have a $500. deductable and also it would be a surcharge against my driving record. Essentially I have to pay for it myself.
You would think since this is the third time a car has been damaged by this piece of metal (which is not supposed to still be sticking out of the cement) My company would help me out. They refused to help the other two people, so I am not even going to try.
Have a Humpty Dumpty Hump Day!
That is my father's long term partner Bob holding my hand, soon after this picture was taken my mother discovered I was spending time with him and took Dad to court. His visitation was then reduced to one day a week, and never overnight. Times have changed...
Blogger Lemuel said...
The car things sucks!
I love that about insurance. You pay and pay them and then when you make a claim they jack your rates until you've actually paid for the damage yourself PLUS the premiums.

So why do we need insurance?

Blogger tornwordo said...
Oh who needs a bumper anyway, lol. Honestly though, that sucks.

Blogger Doug said...
Maybe if you got the other two people whose cars were damaged involved, you could approach your company as a group and at least ask them to remove the piece of metal.

Times certainly have changed, and hopefully things will change even more.

Blogger Ur-spo said...
insurance companies are skunks.