Friday, November 02, 2007
my pc crashed today...

I am on the laptop right now... not so happy about that but eh..
I have a serious fundage problem at the moment and
fixing my PC is not at the top of the list.
Went to see my older son's play tonight "The Diary of Anne Frank"
The kid was AMAZING, best performance in the production (and not just cause I'm his Dad)
My younger son is going to tape some of it tomorrow so I''ll definitely have clips up by Sunday
I finished Season 3 of Lost today, HOLY SHIT! Incredible, I can't wait till February.
Last but not least, my younger son decided to dress as Borat for Halloween (my bad)
Very Niiiiiiiiiice....
This is for you Mike :)


Blogger Lemuel said...
sorry about the pc. uggh!

look forward to clips of your son!

Blogger Stephen said...
Sorry to hear about the PC, hope you can recover the important things off it. btw, it is nice having you post again, you were missed.

Blogger Doug said...
I've said it before: computers are not meant to make our lives easier.

I think Borat is an awesome costume idea!

Congrats to your older son on his performance.

Blogger madamerouge said...
I hope there are many Lost episodes for the new season that are already in the can -- or else, with the writers strike, I'm going to be in serious withdrawal.