Tuesday, September 04, 2007
saw three flics this weekend...
I've been meaning to see this for a long time, never had the chance until Sunday night when some friends brought it over. Very bizarre film, but there definitely were interesting points involving Jay Brannan pictured above. He is quite an accomplished musician, check out the link. I didn't like Hedvig so much, it sort of bored me. Somehow this film, taken as a whole was far more meaningful. Sorry to you diehard Hedvig fans... :(

I really loved this remake. Definitely worth seeing should you be a fan of the original.

Last night I went to see Death Sentence starring Kevin Bacon. An action packed heart racing film loaded with some pretty intense scenes. My friend and I both loved it, and Kevin (as usual) didn't disappoint.
Went out Saturday night (still not drinking) with my friend Chris
& his beautiful friend Rick.

Rick looks just like Adrien Grenier . I like Rick :)
I think there is more to the "friendship" between them, which is irritating because I know how my friend Chris passes thru dates one after the other. Later I saw said Rick on Mhunt and was shocked to read the profile. That's all I'll say, but the kid is into some weird stuff... and with people double his age (that would explain Chris who is in his mid 40's).
Still... Adrien Grenier....
in other news...
My younger son auditioned for an up and coming local band. He is now their lead vocalist. I would link their site here, but would not want to embarass him. Pretty exiting stuff, I mean he's only 13. This is only the beginning methinks ... he will go far.
both my kids started school today, I can't believe we are in September already...
that's it for now
Blogger Jeff said...
Jay Brannan is an interesting guy - he has a myspace profile with some of his music - dreamy.

My favorite thing about Hedwig is the music - I can listen to that soundtrack over and over. I'm the same way about Rocky Horror.

That's great about your son. I hope he ends up enjoying it.

As for Rick - manhunt can be a dark place - or so I've heard ; )

Have a great week kiddo.

Blogger vuboq said...
Shortbus. yuck.
Adrien Grenier. yum.

good news about your son! maybe he'll be able to support you in your old age!


Blogger Ur-spo said...
gads, another remake! count me out!
it was good enough the first time!

That's great news about your son! Hopefully it'll be a great fit and who knows, maybe I'll be repping him in the future! ;-)

And I loved loved loved Shortbus... It was so gratifyingly depressing that it made me feel good about my own dysfunctional life and the relationships that seem to revolve around me. So sad, yet so uplifting.

Blogger Polt said...
Congrats to your son! And I LOVED Shortbus! Very well made. Excellent through and through.