Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Last night...
I got to gram's last night and she answered the door in her bathrobe, having completely forgotten about our plans. I really need to make sure and call her in the morning or early afternoon on the day I am to go see her. I just thought since we spoke in detail the evening before she'd remember (and it was written on her desk blotter when I looked also). So I ran out and picked us up some Boston Market (she loves that) and we chatted away. She was actually pretty sharp, which was surprising (in a very good way). I'm going back thursday night to take her to her favorite "Corned-Beef and Cabbage" night at a local place (yuk I don't so much like it, but it's for her, I get the fish).
Alejandro, new Heroes Character

My Heroes party last night was fun-ish
We had lots of food, cookies & spirits beforehand. Three of my friends were really as into (and exited about) the show as I was. Then my other friend arrived. He started to get under my skin right off, and as he drank it got worse. He started making extremely rude comments to one friend and started flirting in an uncomfortable way with another. Trust me there is no interest on the part of my friend he was flirting with, and it was quite embarassing. It was obvious he was more into the social aspect of the get-together than the show, pretty much paying more attention to his phone and being obnoxious than what was on the TV, and wanting desperately to get drunk. As his intoxication slowly progressed (Wine and Beer are slow) he got more and more obnoxious. He is my oldest gay friend, we've known each other 10 years now. In the beginning we were inseparable.
Basically it was fun, until the show ended and he started getting worse.
Thank god I only had to endure him for an hour afterward.
I'm having another one this coming Monday sans obnoxious person
Anyone want to come?

I'd be there in a second if I lived closer. Watching HEROES while talking to friends on the phone or texting them when something exciting/shocking happens isn't as much fun as being in the same room.

And is it me or was Peter Petrelli frickin' hot, shirtless with his new haircut???

I also found Kensei kinda hot in a Doogie Houser kinda way too. This season is going to be dangerous to my libido.

Blogger vuboq said...
Sorry your friend was annoying. I'd love to come watch Heroes, but I have pottery class on Monday nights.

Blogger Steve said...
Glad you had a good time with Grams. The corned beef thing is definitely of another generation! And I have to be honest with you, I was disappointed with Heroes. It could be that I had it too hyped in my mind; or it could be that I'm suffering from medicine head from the flu :)

Blogger MiKell said...
I enjoyed the show, but I wonder: Am I the only one that misses Summer Reruns?

I'm not a TiVo household.

Blogger daveincleveland said...
i'm in.........what time????

Blogger Polt said...
Sorry about the obnoxious bore. But dude, if I was anywhere NEAR you, you KNOW I'd take his place!

And ain't the new guy just THE cutest??? :)