Monday, September 10, 2007
Chipping away at our civil liberties ... bit by bit
I found this article today...

"Baggy pants are out"

says CT city mulling fines for wearing them

(AXcess News) New York - Stratford, Connecticut may not be on the fashion map of top designers, but if they were at the latest city council meeting they would have gotten an ear full after the City Council considered imposing fines on anyone caught wearing baggy pants in town.

Councilman Alvin O'Neal is proposing a $250 fine for people caught wearing baggy pants that fall down low enough to expose their underwear.

"Seniors are complaining," said O'Neal, who tonight will hear what the good citizens of Stratford think at an open Town Hall meeting on whether to ban baggy pants or not. But the Coucil says it's got a plan.

"The target of the new law is very specific - young people who wear trousers as low as possible without them falling down completely," says O'Neal.

A similar proposal is causing controversy in Atlanta, where a councilman wants an amendment to the city's indecency law that would ban people from wearing baggy pants that show boxer shorts or thongs.

"Sagging pants are an epidemic that is becoming a major concern around the country," said Atlanta Councilman C.T. Martin. But Martin may be in for a fight as civil liberties groups are considering opposing the City if it tries to ban baggy pants. Apparently, pants have rights, though Martin says they haven't a leg to stand on, citing similar indecency laws in Louisiana where you can be fined $500 if you're caught wearing baggy pants that reveal your under garments.

There are variations of this "movement" surfacing in many states across the nation.
Public nudity aside, many of these laws would fine (and make provisions to imprison) individuals who allow their "undergarments" to be even partially visible. The whole thing is ridiculous when you really look at it. In my opinion, if it is acceptable to be worn on a public beach then it is absolutely ridiculous to suggest that adding a layer and then pulling it down a tad (or more, what's the freaking difference) has now made the same outfit "offensive".
Bottom line ... You have government reaching in and trying to forcibly dictate our dress code, and it makes no sense (their argument). They are obviously facing a lot of resistance from Civil Liberties groups, but in quite a few cities headway is being made. Makes me quite sad.

Saw Shoot 'Em Up last night
Clive Owen kicked some serious ass (I luuurve Mr. Owen). The film was amazing and intense, you barely had time to breathe. Complete fantasy (nobody hits every target and can take out 75 men in 20 minutes) but still, a fantastic experience. The Audience clapped wildly at the end. I liked that :)
that's it..
Blogger Steve said...
That law is crazy! It's their God-given right to dress like unintelligent gangstas if they want.

"Sagging pants are an epidemic that is becoming a major concern around the country," said Atlanta Councilman C.T. Martin."
I think that quote says it all: this is what that councilman thinks is a nationwide problem. Shouldn't he be trying to help kids in urban Atlanta make sure they can read by the time they graduate high school, help the homeless, or um, say, at least help Atlantans be able to drive somewhere without getting stuck in traffic? I mean, aren't all of those things more important than pants? What a pathetic waste of time for him. People should be able to walk around naked if they want, or wear pants that aren't baggy, but around their heads.

Blogger VeryApeAZ said...
Actually the law should be changed to, "Anyone seen wearing sagging pants will be shot on sight for poor fashion sense."

Blogger Ur-spo said...
every decade has its clothes that are ruining the country, so i am not surprised or too worried about this one; next decade it will be something else/new.

Blogger tornwordo said...
The bottom line is old purse lipped people are shaking their heads and tsk tsking and since they vote, politicians listen.

The only solution for the young guys is to stop wearing underwear, lol.

Blogger madamerouge said...
Clive Owen... Clive Owen... CLIVE OWEN!

Yum. He looks SO hot in the trailer.

Blogger Steve said...
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