Tuesday, August 28, 2007
so yesterday I was hurrying to pick up my son after work, I was going about 70 in a 65 and was in the fast lane. I came up behind two women in a car going about 60. I did not get right up in their stuff, but was close enough that the driver knew it was time to pull over into the other lane and allow me to proceed. After all the LEFT lane is the passing lane.
I notice she's making some sort of weird jabbing movements and her hammy little hand is in the shape of the finger. She keeps pointing that fat little hand over to the right as if telling me to pass her. Ok so I pull over into the right lane...
The bitch swerves over into the land a second before I do cutting me off...
Then when I pull back into the original lane, she pulls back in front of me..
This scenario is repeated twice... all the time, that fat little bejeweled hand of hers is hanging out of her window pointed straight to the sky... a true lady in all respects..
At the end of the exit (which forks) she stays in the middle of the road, evidently to see which direction I plan on turning. When I signal, she swerves over into my lane..
When on the side road she reduces her speed to about 30 (the limit is 40).. intermitantly sticking her fat little hand out the window to remind me of her horrible displeasure that 10 minutes ago I dared get too close to her from behind.
Finally after about 2 miles she swerves off the road, but not before her passenger joined in for a little bird love...
all I can say is that she lucked out with me... there are plenty of people out there that would have met that witch's insanity tenfold, possibly even followed her a distance and took it to the actual pavement outside the car. I mean I have my moments where someone really pisses me off on the road (I would think we all do) and if it's really bad I spout off a few explicatives as I pass the person, but ya know.. after yesterday I think I have learned one thing and that is how much of a fool we make of ourselves over something so stupid.
anyway... this clip illustrates how two people can be consumed by road rage (hysterical)

Blogger Jeff said...
You don't mess with Malcolm's mom - EVER.

; )

Blogger BRETTCAJUN said...
You are better than me. I GET MAD behind the wheel when people go slow or constantly look to the left or look to the right. UGH!

Blogger DiamondFistWerny said...
I'll admit I've experienced road rage before. In reaction to people who did it to me first. But then I saw on the news where a couple was run off the road, because of it; and killed. So I don't do it anymore. It freaks me out. Life is never that bad; unless you're Malcolm's Mom (as stated) :P

Blogger VeryApeAZ said...
I love that clip. As for road rage - we actually shoot people in Arizona over road rage. Sad but true.

Blogger Kiss My Mike said...
most of us are a different beast on the road. i mean, i haven't met any driver who would actually yield when i'm trying to merge on his/her lane. i think most drivers take this as cue to speed up even more. i don't know but maybe it's different in the south?

Blogger Ur-spo said...
try not to let road rage get to you; it is bad for the complexion and the blood pressure.

Blogger daveincleveland said...
better man than me buddy....i have no patiences for those kinds of people..........oh damn they just piss me off