Friday, August 24, 2007
I am going to go insane...

If I have to hear the words

"Hey there delilah..."

once fracking more... grrrrr

As if it wasn't enough that here at work we get this crappy radio station playing through our speakers all day ..... they seem to be playing two particular songs like 5 times a day, and....

While waiting at the dentist yesterday, reading my magazine I heard the intro start...

"Hey there F**(&%^) Delilah" began.... soon a little girl and her brother across from me piped in and started singing along, then came the receptionist.... I had to restrain from myself.


I hate that song, I would rather hear nothing than this crappy repetative mainstream garbage. Anyway... *whew* the song just ended, I'm good for another two hours before I am subjected to it again, or maybe the other revolving nightmare, Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani.
"wooooo hooooo" "woooo hoooo" ugh...........................
*strangles Gwen with Piano wire*

whew, sorry that was a bit dramatic.. We have tried tampering with the speaker (which is attached to the ceiling, volume control snapped off by security because we were turning it down, and evidently people in this room were missing pages from other departments because of it) without results.

Ya know, mainstream America (I assume this radio station is fufilling some sort of popular demand) has the shittiest taste in music, they really do.

Well today is Friday at least. It is also my shortest day (I get out at 3).
no concrete plans for the weekend, primarily because I am just about as broke at the moment as I have ever been. A few months ago, an old credit card company (Capital One) sued me for an old card balance. My credit limit was $300 yet they are telling me I owe them $1100. Anyway they won the case back in June and I agreed to pay them $75. a month, it's totally killing my budget. Electric , Cell Phone, Cable ... is all late. It definitely adds to my stress level, but I guess I'll live.
To make things worse, Ticketmaster emailed me this morning offering up free tickets to Projekt Revolution in Hartford. I so want to go, (MCR & Taking back Sunday are two of my favorite bands) I tried to snag tickets back when they became available, but at the time I was strapped (what else is new) and now they are handing out 2 free tickets but you have to pay a small parking fee. Also the seats are Lawn :( I mean the venue is smallish, I've been many times but still ...
Everyone have a great Friday :)
Blogger Polt said...
Frankly, I like the song...although I'm not sure I'd want to hear it repeatedly over and over and over...


There's just one song that i've ever heard that amount of time... It was As the rush Comes, by Motorcycle. But the difference is that i actually love that song, so i have no problem in listening at it all day long.

I've never heard the song, and I think i won't. Just being cautious.

Great blog, i loved it!

I invite you to comment on my blog: (the other is in spanish, and mostly dedicated to Silent Hill).


Blogger Jeff said...
It's funny because I listen to the radio so infrequently I've only heard that song maybe once or twice (hated it) and I've never even heard the Gwen Stefani song. XM Radio has kind of spoiled me.

: )

Have a great weekend kiddo.

Blogger VeryApeAZ said...
Rework your budget so that you can afford the $13/month on Sirius or XM. I gave up Sirius last week when I had in uninstalled from my car.

I had never heard of Delilah until I read about the song in People a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday I heard it for the first time as I was switching radio stations (I HATE terrestrial radio). I only got halfway through it. It's a crappy song.

Go to Projekt Revolution.

Blogger Kiss My Mike said...
sorry about the credit card hoolabaloo. i hope things work out for you. don't strangle gwenny please. it'll leave marks in your hands.
enjoy your weekend ;-)

Blogger Ur-spo said...
best to displace it with another song - try to pick one you can stand for awhile!

Blogger madamerouge said...
I run screaming to the radio and frantically change the station whenever "Delilah" comes on. I'm with you on that one.