Thursday, August 30, 2007
a little MEME and a little HNT

Four things Meme
(I am a lazy slacker today...)
Four jobs I’ve had
  1. Genealogist
  2. Managed Old Tyme Photo at an Amusement Park
  3. Lifeguard
  4. IT
Four movies I can watch over and over
  1. The Color Purple
  2. Sleepy Hollow
  3. Polyester
  4. Schindler's List
Four places I’ve lived (yea this one is pretty sad, three of these are in the same county)
  1. Springfield, MA.
  2. Feeding Hills, MA.
  3. Southwick, MA.
  4. Lowell, MA.
Four TV shows I love(d)
  1. The Office (UK)
  2. Heroes
3. Family Guy
4. South Park
Four places I’ve vacationed (my favorites I guess, I've traveled a bit)
  1. Monte Carlo, Monaco
  2. Palma de Mallorca, Spain
  3. Palermo, Sicily
  4. Copenhagen, Denmark
Four of my favorite dishes
  1. Paella Marisco
  2. Eggplant Rolatini
  3. Authentic Mexican anything
  4. Grilled Swordfish
Four sites I visit daily
  2. V.U.B.O.Q.
  3. BBC News
  4. Bank of America
Four places I would rather be right now
1. Swimming off some exotic beach
2. Hiking in the wilderness
3. cruising on the Mediterranean in a yacht
4. anywhere but here (work)
Four of my favorite bands/Artists:
  1. Nirvana
  2. Three Days Grace
  3. Sum 41
  4. Hawthorne Heights
I am supposed to tag someone, but I hate to put that pressure on my friends :)

haven't done this in a while for personal reasons ... but I guess once in a while is ok :)
I've been working out and running the past two months, starting to see results ( a little).

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Blogger tkkerouac said...
Great post and nice looking blog, Happy HNt!

Blogger "W" said...
WOW! Welcome back to regular blogging and a big welcome back to HNT.

YUM and stuff.

Let me wipe the drool away from the keyboard.

Randomly, I noticed Tori isn't a top four artist...we both agree she's great...but I've still yet to buy American Doll Posse.

Blogger S said...
W needs to buy ADP its fabulous, isnt it, PG?

Nice to see you again, hope all is well!

Blogger Polt said...
Yay! Another HNT! Welcome back. Always a pleasure to check out your photos. :)


Blogger Stealth said... I wanna watch sleepy hollow...

Ricci is loverly in that.

Blogger Lemuel said...
I loved the "BoA" as one of the places you visit daily! Got a kick out of that. Nice HNT too. :)

Blogger vuboq said...
I visit BOFA everyday, too!

Blogger daveincleveland said...
yay!!!!! damn nice lookin to me.....glad hnt is back buddy.....have a great weekend...:)