Friday, August 31, 2007
another Friday has arrived, it amazes me how fast time flies the older we get. I try and make this less depressing by working towards a goal which requires time to achieve results, in this way the time passing is sort of a positive thing. Does that make any sense? It does to me (maybe I am losing my mind...)
So it's been better than two months since I began (yet again) to run and lift. It's a very positive boost to self esteem and the ego when you begin to see results. Of course (like time passing) it is a bit more of a struggle as we travel thru our thirties heading toward the big 4-ohhhhh (a very scary number indeed).
Of course working out at home has it's advantages (I dislike cruisy gyms, and also to work out in public) and disadvantages (needless to say the lack of equipment, I have only freeweights and a tread mill)
The main issue I have is that it is hereditary in my family (my birthfather has the same issue) that we have a very flat upper chest (boney in fact, check out this picture from yesterday's HNT to see what I mean) We just don't have even a semblance of pec-age. I am just looking to build up something in this area..
this would be nice :)

but unrealistic methinks...
I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to build up your chest using an excercize ball, free weights or anything you could do at home to work on this area...
any advice would be most appreciated..
I mean my abs are starting to stick out farther than my chest! lol
anyway... have to run work calls, thank god for a long ass weekend
Blogger vuboq said...
It's weird, but I'm actually looking forward to turning 40. NOw, if only I could decide what to do with my life. Seems like I should be more grown up by now.

Blogger Steve said...
You're asking the wrong guy about that stuff. Don't ask me how, but I've been able to keep my svelte figure and 30" waist without all the grunting and straining that you're doing - not that there's anything wrong with a little grunting and straining. Best of luck. And, have a great weekend.

Blogger The Persian said...
I really don't work at being thin, I always have been boney and skinny, it's in my genes. What I was trying to do (as I said in my post) is to build up Pecs because I am flat chested lol

I would imagine our body fat percent is about the same.


Blogger Kiss My Mike said...
jim, let me know when you find out! hehe. i want to tone my body as well.

anyways, someone told me that freeweights are a lot better than machines. not sure if that's true though.

Blogger Ur-spo said...
welcome to aging.
keep up the good work; it really is as basic as proper food and basic exercise.
and realistic expectationd.

Well, your pecs aren't huge, but they've got several really nice features...

Blogger gayborhood gringo said...
I'm with you on the gyms and working out in public. although I most likely avoid the gym out of pure laziness. lol.

But, like you, I too have a goal where time is the reward. I just started so we'll see.

Good for you, though, for even trying and sticking to it. Unfortunately, I do not have advice for you on the chest. Besides, you wouldn't want to be taking any advice from

Blogger Akoni S. Chaput said...
I have the same thing going on....I have a not-as-big-as-I'd-like chest too. But I have a plan for this. Push ups are the best upperbody workout in the world. Get some pushup bars at wally world, and bust a crap load out each night and you'll feel your upperbody start to grow.

Check out the new blogpost at (tis' all about getting bigger manboobs)

Good lucK brotherman...I'll show you my results if you show me yours...hehe.

No one eats enough protein. One must eat 0.5g for every pound of body weight- that is prob 70g for you. If you want to put on muscle increase at 50% (i.e 105g). If you want to bulk up you hvae to eat, eat, eat, esp if you are doing cardio as well. I'd say it is less about what you do in the gym and more about doing it regularly.