Wednesday, August 22, 2007
After numerous searches, forum posts, downloaded software and excellent advice I had to accept that the external drive mentioned in my previous post is fried. There is no savable data, it's all gone...

I am still sort of in shock ... hasn't sunk in yet but eh ... what can be done?

went to the dentist today for my first of two veneer application appointments..
all I can say is FREAKING OUCH... my mouth is really sore.
so this is what my smile will look like after the next (and last) appointment right??....
ok maybe not quite... but still. Amen to what Cosmetic Dentistry has done for Jude Law.
I was pretty skeptical at first over the procedure, but am feeling better about it now (that there is no turning back). Anyone else out there had Veneers done?
Between the 2 months of lifting, nightly runs and now this ... I'll soon have to fight the potential dates off with a stick. Maybe not, but I sure as hell feel a lot better about myself because of it.
now I just need to find the fountain of youth and I'll be all set!
Blogger VeryApeAZ said...
Contact Joe aka SJ. He had veneers done a couple of years ago. His teeth look pretty!

Blogger pdxprofessor said...
you really have no reason to worry about your appeal. i still remember HNT's with great pleasure. as paris hilton would say, "HAWT!!"

Blogger daveincleveland said...
yeah buddy, don't ever ever worry about your appeal, its there man, and will always be.....

Blogger Polt said...
Well if I lived near you, you'd have to fight me off with a stick...and that's BEFORE all this work you're getting done.

...hmm, that doesn't sound stalker-ish creepy, does it???