Wednesday, April 04, 2007
my son was in Beauty & The Beast...

He played the bartender in this scene. These kids were just amazing, the entire show was incredible. Every one of the main characters gave outstanding performances, and the ensemble (which my son was part of) were equally impressive. Everyone who was lucky enough to catch one of the 7 performances was floored. Sorry for the crappy video, it honestly doesn't do anyone justice.
so yea, I've been a bad blogger. There really isn't much to report I guess, life has been hectic and my blog is suffering from it. In a nutshell, no dates, nobody interesting in my life and nothing exiting in the near future except for tomorrow night, my younger son and I are hitting a Taking Back Sunday show in Amherst.
The guy in the middle with the "8 Years older" tshirt on looks like my friend Nick.

TBS lead singer Adam Lazzara...

has and this comes from TV.COM
a man-crush/"self-proclaimed homosexual obsession" with actor Brad Pitt.
Interesting no?
well that's it. Happy Humpday :)
Blogger gayborhood gringo said...
glad your son's plan was a hit!

as for the brad pitt obsession, it's hard to see why somebody wouldn't have a crush on him (aside from that hair, though).

Blogger Stealth said...
kudo's to your son :)

Blogger Ur-spo said...
it is always cheery to see you posting!

Beauty and the Beast is a big show for high school kids. Congrats to your boy!

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...
Your sons seem to be really the old apple tree.

Blogger Scotty said... should be soooo proud. He was very good and the show looked incredible.

I think the things you're doing with your kids are pretty exciting - and great job with B&B!

Blogger patti_cake said...
The play sounds awesome. Congrats to your son and hope you had a great time at the concert too!

Blogger madamerouge said...
Brad Pitt's starting to look 44.

[ducks, runs for cover]