Wednesday, February 21, 2007
yesterday ....
I went into the warehouse to fetch a few boxes of copy paper. I must have lifted one the wrong way because within minutes I felt this dullish pain in my back. It got worse as the day progressed. (Naturally) This morning (because I didn't sleep so well) I am not only tired & groggy, but can't sit down for very long.
sucks to get old ... even though my bosses nephew (who is 19) did the same exact thing this past summer fetching the same boxes. I'm telling you loading 4 cases of copy paper onto a wobbly handtruck and then balancing it as you wheel that heavy shite 1/4 mile, while opening doors and avoiding people walking down the hall is quite a challenge.
I told my boss what happened immediately, and he kind of snickered (he is like 56 and in the past , before his recent illness, would bring in the paper daily so I guess he is to a degree entitled, having 20 years on me). He said that since he has always been in a band he has become accustomed to carrying large heavy objects in a safe manner he has never had an issyue. Ugh .. I mean I did somehow get out of that Ergonomics class everyone was supposed to attend. Maybe I would have been more careful or something.
In any case kids, once you pass 30 look out, ya just can't do the same things as quickly and with the same carefree "heave-ho" you didn't have to think about as a teenager.
anyway ... I took my younger son to his 2nd Guitar lesson last night. It went ok, he is insisting I sit in on each lesson (which is very cool with me) but I don't think the instructor was very pleased as he commented twice that my son had probably spent more time "jamming" than following his homework assignments. Still at 12 years old the kid has great talent, and the instructor mentions it often. He brother wants to start Piano lessons soon, which since he is also quite talented musically (from which side of the family I have no clue neither his mother nor I can even read sheet music) I think it's wonderful.
did I mention he is in a musical at school? Beauty & The Beast even. He's been at practice daily after school learning to sing and dance the part of one of the townspeople (for those of you who are familiar) I remember when he was very little I used to play the Disney animated video all the time for him and he would bop around and try to sing along. It was one of our favorite movies. I was always the one who sat down and watched these films with my kids (often repeatedly), with almost an identical fascination.
ok well I don't think I can sit here for a minute longer, my back is fracking killing me.
things better improve by Saturday ...
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Anonymous Lemuel said...
ooh -back pain! Take it easy! rest!

It does not take much to throw out your back. I did it fetching 3 t-shirts from a dryer.

Anyone who has not experienced back pain is probably not fully understanding what you are saying.

I hope it is minor and eases soon for you!

Blogger Ur-spo said...
please take care of your back!
it is vital you watch it now so you don't become a 'back case' later on; a cruel fate indeed.

Blogger dirk.mancuso said...
Back pain is horrible, and it doesn't just go away. Please take care of yourself -- you'll be glad in the long run.

Blogger VeryApeAZ said...
i was just explaining this to some of my younger friends. after 30, aches and pains are a normal part of the day. it bites!

Blogger TigerYogi said...
Getting old sucks....

Blogger john said...
Take care of your back!!
I loved Beauty and the Beast.

Blogger Steve said...
Ouch! I've been having some real back pain... some nerve, or some such nonsense. Either that, or my kidneys are failing. And it seems that everyday, I'm always being reminded that I'm not 25 anymore. *sigh*

Blogger Doug said...
I hope your back improves.

Chris has turned me onto a lot of the animated films, Beauty and the Beast included. We love Aladdin, The Lion King, and a lot of the Disney and Pixar films. We obviously watch them for ourselves, but when my nephew gets old enough, we already have a library of movies for him. :)

Blogger Spider said...
I understand the back thing - I can throw mine out putting on my shoes... TAKE CARE of it - trust me, it doesn't get any better the more "mature" you get...

Congrats on the boys - SUCH tallent!

Blogger madamerouge said...
knead knead knead
rub rub
thumb pressure

^ that was your virtual back rub

I live on Ibuprofen. It's one of those things I never allow the house to be without. I buy the big 500 count bottles.
I can still do everything I could do as a teenager, but my rebound time is longer. I just can't bounce back the way I could.
Your boy sould be encouraged to jam and "make up stuff", but only after he studies his assigned material(I used to teach piano). Jamming and playing by ear will develop his fluency and freedom like nothing else.

Blogger Phoenixboi said...
Yay! I can post a comment..
hope u get better bello