Sunday, February 11, 2007
From what I have come to understand the critics are being very unkind to Hannibal Rising. I am baffled should this be the case. It is by far the best of the "series" to date. A completely riveting 2 hours for both my kids and I. Gaspard Ulliel (the youthful Hannibal) was just amazing, his performance was every bit as convincing and captivating as would be expected of Anthony Hopkins himself (if not better). Let's not even touch upon the breathtaking scenery and near perfect cinematography. I am a huge fan of both Silence of the lambs and Hannibal, and can still proclaim without hesitation they both pale in comparison. GO.SEE.THIS

I will, needless to say, be purchasing the DVD upon release.
so anyway ... I had anticipated today would be my older son and I given that his younger brother was staying over a friend's house and that his friend's father was taking them somewhere. Well my son opted out of that and instead decided to spend the day with his dad. He gave me this line about how he wasn't having a good time but I know it was something else (that he didn't want to miss out on something his brother and I might do). I was happy to see him run out of the house this morning when I went to pick up (what I thought) was his brother only. I would still like to spend some one on one time with my older son, I feel like we need to talk about lots of things going through his mind, but I guess it will have to wait for another opportunity. We (my older son and I) talked a bit this weekend and the poor kid needs to vent about some of the things going through his head. God he is so much like me, almost every issue he is having I once had when I was his age.
Speaking of my older son...
Yesterday we bought a movie we have wanted to see for a while...
It is called Match Point
I didn't get to view the whole film with him as there was not enough time, but he asked to take it home and I agreed (with the proviso that he return it Saturday so I can watch the rest) The initial draw for us was that the box resembled that of a film we both (he introduced me) love titled Closer. If you haven't seen this film, by all means make a point of it.
anyway back to Match Point
This is the scenario (which ironically contains similarities to both Alfie & Closer, both staring Jude Law) you have two couples, both of which are at the very least a tad bit dysfunctional. One partner in each couple is attracted to the other of the opposite sex. Naturally (for dramatic purposes) there are heaps at stake ($$$$ to start) should these two (each the financially vulnerable parties in their perspective relationships) act on their desires.
I can't decide on who is more beautiful...

Scarlett Johannson

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

In any case the above two beautiful people are the leads in Match Point
like I said, I haven't seen the end, but thus far I am hooked.
I hope my son doesn't forget Saturday to bring it back....
I guess that's it. I am waiting for my friend Karen to get here and well, she is MEGA late
Have a great week everyone!

Blogger michael said...
Well I'm happy to hear that Hannibal Rising is actually NOT bad. I think I am going to have to wait for the dvd to come out, but I really wanted this one to be a good film because i wasn't all that impressed with previous one.

Ya know, you still amaze me at times:) Just from this post, I have to say that you really are one great dad! :)


Blogger Marko said...
Both equally beeautiful!

I will go and see Hannibal now, it does look good.

BTW, I got forced to switch too, it wouldnt let me b4.

Have a great week!

Anonymous Jeff said...
Ok, maybe we'll drag ourselves out to go see it now. I'm a HUGE Silence of the Lambs fan so I had my doubts about this one. If you want a good Jonathan Rhys Meyers movie watch Velvet Goldmine. His romantic lead is Ewan McGregor, whom I find MUCH more interesting than Scarlett Johannson anyday. : )

Anonymous Lemuel said...
I understand your happiness in being with both sons, but also your desire to spend one-on-one with the older. In a sense it was too bad that you did not get to spend that time with just the older son. I am picking up your signals that your older son is entering that phase in which he needs to talk with Dad. It is important that he does so. He will quickly move into a new stage of independence in which he will not do so again for quite a while. It is important, I think, for you to establish that willingness to be open to him and to listen to him. If he learns you respect him as a man, he will return as more than a son.

Blogger VeryApeAZ said...
I put my money on Scarlett..... As for the new Hannibal, I wasn't going to see it because it got trashed. And because I didn't really like Hannibal - tho I love Silence of the Lambs. I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the review!

Blogger Doug said...
Each of your sons probably needs some one-on-one time with his dad.

Although Scarlett is pretty, my own preference definitely is for Jonathan.

Blogger Steve said...
Chris & I went on a Valentine's Day date and saw Hannibal Rising. OK, so it's not a romantical-type movie, but we liked it, too.

Blogger Ur-spo said...
it ia nice to read you again, after being away/sick.
i will take your advice on the flick -- just to see how he made it through psychiatry

Blogger dirk.mancuso said...
I loved MATCH POINT. Definitely did not see where it was going.

As for who's more oh man, I love Scarlett's hair, but Jonathan's lips and eyes tip the scales in his favor.