Wednesday, February 28, 2007
special Way Back Wednesday , Happy 115th Birthday to..
Biological great-grandmother
Florence Victoria Wyrwas
born today
Febuary 28, 1892, Springfield, Massachusetts

(with husband Alessandro Ginosa and children, my grandmother is to her left)

(with my grandmother Filomena (left) on her 86th birthday 1978 )
I never knew Florence, as I did not locate my biological parents until I was 20 and by that time she had been gone nealy 15 years. I was able to develop a great relationship with her youngest daughter, my grandmother Filomena (the reason I have all of these wonderful photographs), who was a very kind and loving woman, opening her arms and heart to me from the moment we met. She even insisted I call her "Grandma". She had been through much tragedy in her life, and was very much what you might call eccentric, yet above all she made me feel the most welcome and accepted. She lived long enough to see my own two sons, passing in November of 2000. This is one of my favorite photos of her with them:
been a while since I did one of these genealogy-based WBW things ...
in honor of my great-grandmother (and her era) let's spend a few moments in the days of her youth. This clip is from 1901, and it takes my breath away. Wow.. (ok I am a geek, but still..)I mean look at those vintage outifts ... you are looking into another era long since passed and unfortunately so has (nearly) anyone who could have been old enough then to remember it now.
(I mean I was just an infant at the time hehe....)

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Blogger Lemuel said...
Thanks for the WBW! I'd been missing them. I love to look at old photographs and try to think what life was like back then. Then as now these people must have thought that they were thoroughly modern. I cannot help but wonder what the guy who filmed the clip would think if he knew that over a hundred years later people would be looking at his film through this "computer" thingy.

It is also so great that your grandmother got to see your sons. That picture alone has got to be a treasure.

Blogger DanNation said...
My god - your son looks just like you!

Blogger Doug said...
In that video, I think every single person was wearing a nice hat, and everyone was dressed up nicely.

I bet people had more time back then, so they could spend it making themselves presentable. It seems like we're always rushing off to do something, so we just throw on whatever's lying around.