Sunday, February 25, 2007
so last night was the My Chemical Romance show

they were amazing as anticipated...
(excuse my crappy cell-phone pics)
lead singer Gerard Way was rolled out on a hospital bed in the beginning
(reminiscent of the Welcome to the black parade video)

We were very very close (maybe 10 people from the stage) .. the pitt at this venue is smallish. There wasn't an empty seat in the place either, completely packed right back to the nose bleed seats. As I said, these guys were amazing and played for like and hour and a half. Huge balls of fire rose from the set, the heat from which felt like a bonfire to those of us up close.
The opener, Rise Against was fracking incredible. We arrived on the floor just about 10 minutes before they started, which was excellent because the pit was only about half full at that point (smallish venue etc). I guess I will forgive them for not playing my favorite (But tonight we dance -- click to listen or download, the mp3 pauses about 5 seconds before playing) song. In any case they set the place on fire, I would so see them again.
There was one thing that served to lessen the experience. When the presale for this show was announced 3 months ago I jumped on it, took 100$ I didn't have to spare, waited anxiously for the 10:AM start time and scored pretty decent seats. I told my son back around Christmas about it and he was very exited. Two weeks ago his mother's bf went on ebay and spent like $30 on Pitt tickets. They weren't evidently for him to use as he is a Country Western guy (yikes), but ya know what? Last night was his night (the bf) and not mine. It was obvious to say the least. I sure hope he enjoyed it, but no wait... he wasn't even there. I guess I wanted last night to be our night, watching 2 bands we love together. The tickets I bought at the presale sat in my pocket, for some reason I just couldn't bring myself to list and sell them last week.
Good thing the next two shows (Taking Back Sunday & Plus 44) are both pitt tickets or else I might expect the same to happen. Yea ok rant.over.
let's change the subject and think of something a lot more pleasant...
like the grey little monster sitting next to me right now...
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Blogger Larry said...
Well regardless of the ticket thing, it sounds like you had a rocking night and that's what really counts.

You know, I have never been to a single concert, ever? With my luck though I'd get hurled into one of the fireballs :)

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...
Glad you enjoyed your concert - cute kitty

Blogger Lemuel said...
For now, let the injury to heal and revel in the good time you did have last night.

Blogger TigerYogi said...
I'm glad that you had a good time as well! And the kitty is cute! :)

Blogger Spider said...
You did the right thing - all the way around - and THAT is the most important thing... and in the long run, everyone will know that - you son already does.

And the cat is adorable...

You did the noble thing, but in your place I would feel robbed, a little.
My Cheddar wants to meet your cat.

Blogger dirk.mancuso said...
Your cat is sooooooo cute.

Blogger Doug said...
Yay on the awesome concert and great seats!

Your little gray monster is precious!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
your cat is gorgeous!!!