Sunday, February 11, 2007
my first post on the new blogger...
They forced me to switch over a couple days ago. I fought hard not too, but I guess they gave me no choice, which I assume is the case with everyone.
things seem to be basically the same
anyway, had the kids yesterday. We didn't do much apart from running to D'Angelo's for lunch and then picked up a couple DVD's. We hadn't seen Snakes on a Plane and it was really entertaining (would you expect anything less of a film starring Samuel L. Jackson?) Cheesy name, Cheesy Idea, but ya know what? They pulled it off pretty well.
Today my younger son is going somewhere with his friend and his dad, so I don't have him
I am looking forward to some one on one time with my older son, who often gets sort of lost in the dust because of his younger brother's dominant personality.
My older son had a near perfect report card, despite the fact that all of his classes are advanced. Brilliant kid, I am so very proud of him.
Now his brother, well he didn't do so well, actually he had one of the worst report cards to date. My ex-wife and I can't understand it, because it isn't that he can't handle the assignments, but that he refuses to pass in his homework, which is done with the assistance of his mother each evening. Does that make any sense? It isn't the testing, but rather that the homework portion of his grade is near ZERO because he refuses to hand in his work each day. Work that is complete! Baffling. In any case we're working on this, and the pressure is on him like never before.
we're going to see Hannibal Rising today. It looks amazing. Friday a friend and I saw The Messengers , which didn't impress me so much. In fact I had anticipated that it was going to be pretty bad, the ratings across the board were quite negative. It was like Sixth Sense, Stir of Echoes and Amityville Horror all rolled in to one, and with a twist. There were like 20 people in the theatre on a friday night 7:00 show. That speaks heaps.
a disturbing thing happened on my way out of the theatre while I was waiting for my friend outside the bathroom
Two very young girls, perhaps 11 or 12, at the MOST 13 were walking down the isle with a very tall Black man who appeared to be in his mid-20's. The girls were gabbing away and what I caught really upset me. This is roughly how it went....

Girl #1: I told you he was going to show up.
Girl #2: I know, but I didn't think he was going to drive all the way here from Pennsylvania.
Man: Chill girl, I told you I was gonna be here no lie.
Girl#1: Yea and I told you I look ugly, my myspace picture makes me look better. Look at how ugly I am!!!
Man: Chill girl, you gotta stop dogging yourself, you look good. You look better than your picture.
Girl #1 & Girl #2 : high pitched giggles
I stood there with my mouth open, I didn't know what to do. The guy was looking all around while walking with these girls, at least once telling them to "shhh". There was no room for misinterpretation, I knew what was going on and had not a clue what to do about it. It bothered me then and it still does. I mean they were going into a theatre, it wasn't like he was taking them somewhere out of the public eye, but still. Their parents had probably dropped them off together, having no idea.
I know I should have reportedhim to the theatre office, but I didn't. I am a father, I owed it to their parents to help them and I failed miserably. At least there is hope that it was only the movie they would share and then the parents would arrive to take them home unharmed. At least that scenario let's me sleep at night...
Hope everyone has a great Sunday :)

Blogger Rian said...
Hey Jim, that story with the two girls sounds creepy. I hope it wasn't what it looked like.
Have a nice sunday!

Anonymous Chris said...
I frequently would get perfect scores on everything, then fail classes because I didn't turn in (completed) homework. There's a whole rationale for it, that I don't really want to post here. Suffice it to say, it isn't that weird, or uncommon.

Anonymous Jason said...
Yeah, the whole myspace thing with young kids is getting to be wayyyy out of hand. Dateline has broadcasted some disturbing footage about these "meet ups".

Let us know how Hannibal Rising was. It got torn apart by the critics, but I'm sure they have to compare it to Silence, which nothing would top that.

Blogger Jimmi said...
Yeah they got me a few weeks ago, but the new blogger isn't that bad. I actually like some of the features. I was going to switch over to wordpress but it wouldn't let me do that so I just said screw it and stayed with blogger. I didn't want to loose all my history.

Blogger Michael said...
Ok that's just scary about the two girls. You would think that hopefully younger folks wouldn't be so ... well for lack of a better word...dumb! I'm not sure what I would have done either in that situation.

Kudos to your son for his report card! (wish mine had looked that good heh)

Talk with ya later buddy :)

Blogger Doug said...
Glad things are going well with you and the kids. Congrats to your older son! And with your help, I'm sure your younger son will figure out his issues.

Re: the girls, I'm not sure what's up with some kids nowadays. There's not much you could have done, and even if you'd reported it, I'm not sure there's much the theatre could have done.

*big hugs* to you and the boys.

Blogger dirk.mancuso said...
I loved SNAKES ON A PLANE. It was all in the title. They delivered exactly what they promised.

As for the girls at the theater...Yikes! I really don't understand some of the things kids do. Yeah, I did dumb stuff when I was a kid, but kids today are exposed to so much you would think they would be smarter than to meet up with strangers like that.