Tuesday, February 27, 2007
watched The King last night. Definitely one of the most disturbing films I have seen in a very long time. My friend and I looked at each other when it was over and were in shock.

you might remember Gael from Babel as the kid driving the old Mexican Woman south (along with Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchet's blonde kids), and who later abandoned them in the desert.
You might also remember him as Che Guevara in The Motorcycle Diaries.
stills from The King...

It was a nerve wracking experience to watch this. It.really.was
hehe ... I've discovered the amazingness that is Red Box ....

$1 a day .. $1 charged every day afterward if not returned.
I am addicted (rented 3 yesterday and 4 today)
plus it helps to fill my sad & lonely evenings
I am sooo over chat rooms and dating, it's been months
I feel the the onset of hermitdom coming on...
hell I don't even go on Aim or Yahoo anymore
(well for more than a few minutes here and there)
and ya wonder why this place has become such a dullish read of late? Probably because my life has indeed been a dullish existence recently (apart from the weekends).
but it's a good dullish if that makes any sense. I needed this break from partying and social obligations to get my shite together once and for all.
S8 156
Blogger vuboq said...
Gael Garcia Bael is my next future ex-husband. I totally *heart* him ... even though he looks like a tiny little thing.

Blogger Mikey said...
I think that Gael is a hottie. and you are never dull!!!

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...
I first fell in love with him in Y tu mamam tambien...what a great actor.

Blogger Polt said...
Gael....sigh. Fell in live in Y tu mama tambien. the love was further cemented in Bad Education. Never heard of The King. I'll have to rent it. I'll add to my Netflix right now.


Blogger Polt said...
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He was awesome in Y Tu Mama Tambien. Plus Diego Luna...Woof!

Blogger Rich Brown said...
Sometimes it's really nice to take a break and get your shite together. :-) We all need to do it every now and then.

That movie sounds totally disturbing, yet incredibly intriguing... I gotta put that on my Netflix queue.

And you haven't gotten dull at all, silly... But as Rich Brown said, it is indeed good to get your shit together, re-evaluate everything, and move your life forward. We all need tune-ups every now and then.

Big hugs, buddy.

Blogger TigerYogi said...
Disturbing films disturb me...

Thanks for the warning! :)

P.S. I hope that the dating scene improves soon!

Blogger Doug said...
Lulls can be good. We all seem to feel if we're not busy, then something is wrong. Enjoy your time.

Blogger gayborhood gringo said...
i can't decide whether gael is hot or not, but i do enjoy him as an actor. i will have to check out more of his catalog of films.

Blogger Scott E D said...
You should rent the crime do Padre Amora. Great movie and he is HOT!